Mayhem Studios Announces ‘Made for India’ Battle Royale Game, ‘Underworld Gang Wars’


Mayhem Studios announced their first title “Underworld Gang War” (UGW), a battle royale Game set in India. With the characters and plot rooted in India, the game claims to provide an exciting setting with interesting characters inspired by the stories of India.
The plot, locations, gangs, and icons all represent an Indian context in the AAA game. The game’s theme, weapons, and maps are said to have been designed to provide a different experience for players.
UGW gameplay has a western underdog gang that wants to take control of the eastern region from their rival urban gang. To provide an authentic experience, each region depicted in the game resembles a real place in India, whether it’s the coal mines or the nearby apartment complex. It also has iconic landmarks including a fort, train station, stadium and racecourse.
Scheduled to launch later this year, the game’s pre-registration window will open from May 22. Commenting on the announcement, Ojas Vipat, CEO of Mayhem Studios said, “We are thrilled to deliver the first Battle Royale title that promises to deliver one of the most relevant storylines for gamers. UGW’s unique locations and highly relatable universe with beautiful graphics are sure to provide a great experience for Battle Royale players. We are also excited to create a hit game with unique stories from India for the world.”
Mayhem Studios launched the game at Mahalaxmi Racecourse in Mumbai. The studio revealed the game’s logo via a drone show and created a QR code.


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