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Since the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales in 2020, fans tried to decide which entry in Marvel’s Spiderman is better. There’s no doubt that each game has better elements than the other, but it’s hard to decide which game is superior.

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The Miles Morales character was created in 2011 by Brian Michael Bendis, while Peter Parker was coined in 1962 by Stan Lee. Marvel fans have had more time to fall in love with the character of Peter than with Miles, but perhaps the video game series has helped Miles catch up.


ten Marvel’s Spider-Man – Iconic Villains

The opening of Marvel’s Spiderman tasks Peter with ending Wilson Fisk’s reign of terror. To do this, Peter must infiltrate Fisk Tower and locate the elusive crime lord lurking there, but the battle ahead can be deceptively difficult.

Defeating Kingpin will grant the player some time to relax, but that time is fleeting as six more super-villains are waiting to reveal themselves. Mister Negative leads this iconic group of villains, but his reason for doing so remains unknown for most of the game’s history.

9 Miles Morales – Compelling Villains

However Miles Morales has fewer villains than Marvel’s Spiderman, the way they are woven into the story is far more impactful than the previous game’s antagonists. The Tinkerer, the game’s main antagonist, is quickly revealed to be Phin Mason, Miles’ childhood friend.

The story follows Miles as he attempts to steer him away from his dark path, a noble pursuit that unfortunately causes more harm than good. He also learns that his uncle, Aaron Davis, is the Stalker, a petty criminal who ended up working for some really dangerous people. The bond Miles shares with these villains makes the overall story that much more compelling.

8 Marvel’s Spider-Man – Multiple Playable Characters

There are several instances while progressing through Marvel’s Spiderman that the player will take control of a different character. Most of these scenarios will task the player with taking a more stealthy approach, allowing for a well-deserved break from the already lightning-fast pace of the story.

Playing as Mary Jane and Miles allows the player to see exactly how difficult it is to fight crime without being bitten by a radioactive spider. These missions will often feel slow, but that’s usually the point. The player is meant to feel vulnerable while playing with these characters to further accentuate Spider-Man’s power.

seven Miles Morales – Unique Powers

Marvel’s Spiderman tried to portray Peter as a somewhat invincible force, but Miles’ display of power in Miles Morales revealed that Peter is no longer the strongest Spider-Man. Miles learns to harness bioelectricity shortly after opening the game, a discovery that gives him an entirely new approach to combat.

While he’s still learning how to control this otherworldly ability, it’s arguably the most potent power Spider-Man has seen to date. Integrating it into the main story also makes using the ability feel more natural.

6 Marvel’s Spider-Man – The Heist DLC

Once the main story of Marvel’s Spiderman is over, the player will be able to experience Peter’s second adventure where he must put an end to Hammerhead’s new scheme. Hammerhead took advantage of Kingpin’s absence and gathered a small army to help him take control of New York.

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To stop him, Spider-Man teams up with Black Cat and Silver Sable, two unlikely teammates who, surprisingly, want the same thing. Break it The DLC adds nine additional hours of gameplay to Peter’s already exceptionally long story. Spider-Man fans who want to spend as much time as possible wandering around New York will likely love the additional story included in the DLC.

5 Miles Morales – A Lovable Companion

The Cat’s Pajamas costume will be available for Miles to wear after the main story and “Looters!!!” the side mission is complete. Returning to Teo’s store after completing these objectives will both earn the new costume alongside a new companion.

Spider-Cat is basically just a cosmetic addition to Miles’ costume, but once he joins Miles, it will be hard for the player to let him go. Spider-Cat will even aid Miles in combat situations by digging his claws into his enemies.

4 Marvel’s Spider-Man – A Longer Story

One of Miles MoralesThe main flaw of was that it could be completed much faster than its predecessor. The more the player advances in the story of Marvel’s Spidermanmore scenarios were introduced, while Miles’ story was more like a race to the finish line.

Peter’s story is full of gripping twists and, although Miles Morales works on a similar formula, its journey seems much less extensive. Those looking to fill Spider-Man’s shoes for as long as they can might prefer the experience offered by Marvel’s Spiderman more Miles Morales.

3 Miles Morales – A More Emotional Story

However Miles Morales is significantly shorter than Marvel’s Spiderman, it offers the series’ most moving story so far. Miles reunites with her childhood friend, Phin, after years apart and soon discovers that the loss of her brother has led her down a dark path.

Phin joined a terrorist group known as the Underground in hopes of avenging his brother’s death. Miles sympathizes with Phin for his grief, but he is forced to foil his plans for revenge by any means necessary to keep Harlem safe.

2 Marvel’s Spider-Man – Better Costumes

Each new version of Marvel’s Spiderman incorporated several cosmetic improvements to further enhance the overall player experience. Fans of the film adaptations of Spider-Man can don the identities of Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland depending on how they feel, while comic book fans can choose from a huge range of costumes that the you only see in the comics.

The variety of different costumes featured in each upgrade allows the player to wear their favorite Spider-Man outfit while exploring New York. However Miles Morales incorporated some truly amazing costumes, the costumes featured in Marvel’s Spiderman stand out much more.

1 Miles Morales – Best Tours

The player can perform several different tricks and flips during their adventure through New York, but some are more memorable than others. Most of these feats will see the web-slinger perform a series of somersaults while soaring through the sky, while others will allow the hero’s personality to shine a bit more.

Miles’ approach to getting around town is much more relaxed than Peter’s. While he can perform several similar feats, he can also opt for a less eccentric means of travel. The most iconic move is seen after jumping from a tall skyscraper where Miles places both arms behind his head, crosses his legs and mimics lying down.

Marvel’s Spiderman is available now on PC, PS4 and PS5.

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