Marvel’s Greatest Heroes Battle Fortnite Foes in Variant Cover Series


Some of the Marvel Universe’s greatest heroes face off against their Fortnite counterparts in a series of variant covers teasing the upcoming series.

Some of the Marvel Universe’s greatest heroes collide with their fortnite counterparts in a series of variant covers teasing the upcoming crossover event.

Fortnite X Marvel: Zero Willpower will see iconic Marvel heroes like Captain America, Iron Fist, Hellcat and many more face off against the many different characters of Epic Games’ Battle Royale sensation. To celebrate the upcoming five-issue crossover, Marvel has released eight fortnite variant covers for some of their ongoing series. The covers feature monumental showdowns between the two properties, including Captain America and Omega, Captain Carter and Cuddle Team Leader, Captain Marvel and Dark Comber, Ghost Rider and Raider, Iron Fist and Fade, Hellcat and Lynx, Joe Fixit and Rippley, Silk and Blaze, Spider-Man 2099 and Drifter and Venom and Big Mouth.

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Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War comes from veteran Marvel writer Christos Gage (Spider-Geddon, Avengers Academy) and Epic Games Creative Director Donald Mustard, with art by Sergio Davila (Captain Marvel). The story will focus on the quest to discover a Zero Point Crystallized Fragment, a powerful artifact that has been cast across the Marvel Universe. Spider-Man, Wolverine, Shuri and other fan-favorite characters must track down the shard while fending off the malevolent Imagined Order before the entire universe descends into disaster.

“At its heart, the series is an adventure story, with characters from both universes coming together to hunt for treasure in the deepest, darkest depths of the Marvel Universe,” said Alanna. Smith, editor of Marvel Comics. “Donald Mustard and Christos Gage have such a deep love for Fortnite and Marvel, and Sergio Davila turns some absolutely unreal pages. Having the amazing Leinil Francis Yu on the main covers and a killer lineup of Marvel artists on the variants has been a real gift too.”

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Discover the eight fortnite variant covers and release dates below.

On sale 5/4

  • Captain Marvel #38 FORTNITE VARIANT COVER by Phil Noto.
  • Venom #8 FORTNITE VARIANT COVER by Paco Medina.

On sale 5/11

  • Captain America: Symbol of Truth #1 FORTNITE VARIANT COVER by Salvador Larroca.
  • Iron Man #20 FORTNITE VARIANT COVER by David Baldeón.
  • Spider Man 2099 Exodus #1 FORTNITE VARIANT COVER by Creees Lee.

On sale 5/18

  • Captain Carter #3 FORTNITE VARIANT COVER by Todd Nauck.
  • iron fist #4 FORTNITE VARIANT COVER by Mike McKone.
  • Silk #5 FORTNITE VARIANT COVER by David Lopez.

On sale 5/25

  • ghost rider #4 FORTNITE VARIANT COVER by Carlos Gomez.
  • New Fantastic Four #1 FORTNITE VARIANT COVER by Will Sliney.

Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War #1 — which comes from writers Gage and Mustard, artist Dávila, inker Sean Parsons, and colorist Edgar Delgado, with cover art by Leinnil Francis Yu — comes out June 8.

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Source: Marvel Comics

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