Maisie Williams Reacts to Jon Snow’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Spinoff: ‘I Think…’


Earlier this month, it was confirmed that a The ‘Game of Thrones’ spin-off show about Jon Snow in development, with Kit Harington returning. Later, George RR Martin, the scribe of the fantasy series “A Song of Ice and Fire” which served as source material for “GoT”, also confirmed and said that the show was Kit’s idea.

The series is tentatively titled “Snow” and is just one of many “Game of Thrones” spin-off shows in development, though it’s the only known sequel so far.

Now Maisie Williams, Kit’s on-screen sister, has also commented on it. Williams, who starred as Arya Stark on the parent series to critical and popular acclaim, told People, “I think that’s really exciting, and I think Kit is such an actor. phenomenal. Him playing Jon Snow was just like a cultural reset. I think everything he touches is magic, and I’m excited to see what it’s going to be like.”

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Jon Snow was introduced as the bastard son of Lord Eddard Stark (Sean Bean) in the series. While his half-brother Robb Stark (Richard Madden) was put in charge of Winterfell when Eddard went south from King’s Landing, Snow joined Night’s Watch, a military order that protects the Seven Kingdoms from threats like White Walkers.

Later, Snow became one of the show’s main characters and led the war of the living against the dead (White Walkers and their undead army). When we last saw Jon Snow, he was returning beyond the wall to live among the wildlings. The new show will continue its adventures.

Emilia Clarke, who played one of Daenerys Targaryen’s main characters and Snow’s love interest, also spoke about the show. She told the BBC: “He told me about it. And I know it exists. It’s happening. It was created by Kit as far as I know, so he’s been in it from the start. So what you will hopefully watch if it happens, is certified by Kit Harington.

Meanwhile, ‘House of the Dragon’, based on a particular event in Targaryen history, is the only spin-off to be greenlit so far. It’s coming soon, August 21 to be precise.


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