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BATAVIA – Luke Alwin looks ready for his moment.

Alwin, a Batavia junior wide, didn’t see college game action last year. It should, however, have plenty of time to shine this fall.

“With a lot of seniors leaving last year, I have to step up and play a big role in attack,” Alwin said. “The game of the pass, it’s going to be [Drew Gerke and I] a lot. I will have to improve a lot. »

Batavia held an informal 7v7 event with Plainfield East, Glenbard West and Elk Grove on Thursday morning.

Alwin, a 6-foot, 158-pound, trained with the varsity once the playoffs began last year after spending his second season at that level.

The transition seems to buzz. Junior quarterback Ryan Boe once again returns to the Batavia pilot’s air offense after an undefeated regular season and second-round playoff appearance.

“I think [Alwin’s] running is really good,” Boe said. “His speed, it’s hard to keep him.”

While Alwin’s frame doesn’t project into a prototypical possession receiver build, his quickness and speed – aspects he’s spent time improving over the summer – will be key as he grows. in the offensive.

“I would say I’m sneaky,” Alwin said. “Sometimes I can create space quite easily. I’m pretty quick with my footwork. When I create space, it helps me a lot to open up.

Boe, after a full season with starting experience, is back with a noticeable zip on his passes. His grip on football, however, was his most important offseason duty.

“I think that definitely helped me with my spiral,” said Boe, who completed 66% of his passes and averaged 134.6 passing yards per game last year. “Once I get down my spiral, it’s easier to get the ball where you want it.”

Throwing deep is one of the main reasons for the change.

“I used to keep my [two fingers] down on the ball [laces]”, Boe said. “I had to put my index finger a little more on the toe. It just helps me turn better. It’s definitely [feels more natural now].”

The Bulldogs had notable offensive production, especially in the backfield.

Last year’s Chronic Football Player of the Year, Jalen Buckley, tops the list.

Between Buckley, Josh Dornink and AJ Sanders, the Bulldogs will have to find a way to replace an average of 185.4 rushing yards per game.

Ryan Whitwell, who had 26 carries for 191 yards last year, plans to be a great option. Batavia, however, traditionally uses a multi-back spin.

Whitwell is currently recovering from bone spur surgery he underwent in June on his right ankle. Whitwell fought off the injury throughout the season and underwent initial surgery in January to fix the problem.

Through recovery, Whitwell caused a persistent bone spur to reappear, and scar tissue from the immobilization remained. Whitwell then underwent follow-up surgery last month, which has limited his offseason work to weights so far.

Whitwell, who also plays it safe, hopes to start racing in a few weeks.

“[Running back has] been my favorite position since I was little,” Whitwell said. “I’m excited to hope to play as much as possible on the pitch.”

“I’m excited,” Whitwell continued. “There is no pressure on me. It’s just a game after all. I’m just playing this game for fun because I really love playing the game for fun.


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