Looks like The Last of Us Multiplayer Battle Royale is almost here


Although we’ve already dropped the idea of ​​multiplayer for Naughty Dog’s The last of us part 2rumors are swirling that we’ll be making a big comeback to the 2020 title. We always thought Ellie’s adventure wasn’t over yet, and I hope it’s not.

When the original The last of us first came to PlayStation in 2013, online multiplayer known as factions was a great success. Choose between playing as fireflies or hunters, factions revamped some of the best maps in the game into three modes. It was pretty standard fodder, but nine years later, it’s clear things have to change.

What’s New With The Last Of Us Battle Royale?

Posting to Twitter, @Speclizer shared hidden data files that pretty much confirm some sort of battle royale for The last of us part 2. This is something we’ve heard about over and over again from supposed insiders, so it’s good to have some proof this time around.

The files refer to a final circle – which is a common feature in battle royale games like fortnite, Apex Legendsand Call of Duty: Warzone. Interestingly, there is also a mention of acolytes, which suggests the dividing function of Uncharted 4Multiplayer will be back in full force. Back then, NPCs could be purchased to help your team.

It is important to point out that these data files could have been preserved, but with so many mentions of Part 2 multiplayer in recent weeks – and the fact that Naughty Dog has confirmed that it’s working on multiple titles – we’d be surprised if a Part 2 multiplayer didn’t come with a long-running remaster of the OG game. Remember, we also saw Ellie’s character models from a supposed Part 2 multiplayer that many assumed had been lost over the centuries.

Should The Last Of Us Part 2 Add Battle Royale?

Discuss the possibility of a battle royale factions and the return of the sidekicks, the fandom was divided. One reviewer groaned, “Really tired of Battle Royale modes, but I’m sure there will be other modes.” Someone else added: “NPCs will definitely be part of Factions 2, but I don’t know if I like the idea of ​​sidekicks, I hated it in Uncharted 4 MP.” In the fan camp, one player gushed: “I’m so excited for this, I know some people won’t like battle royale but there will probably still be OG modes too.” Another clapped: “I actually think a BR mode would be perfect in the TLOU world.”

In a world saturated with battle royale, we have already seen Infinite Halo dodge around that poisoned chalice. Alongside those who complained that the next-gen title didn’t offer a full-fledged BR experience, others criticized Last Spartan Standing as a battle royale-lite cop-out. In the years since The last of us part 2 came out, we missed its multiplayer, but again we wonder…why now?


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