Lion-Like: Two Combat Flannel Styles from All Skill No Luck


All Skill No Luck (ASNL) recently released a new take on their two flagship styles of “combat flannel“: the Ntchwaidumela and Nemea.

Both garments retain the features of their military and motorsport inspired predecessors, for example front chest pockets angled inward, slant shoulder pockets with Velcro closures and hidden buttons on the front and the wrists. However, they’re made from a different material – they’re sewn with Cordura double-layered brushed combat wool flannel.

It’s a real type of fabric, as you’ll see below, and (spoiler alert), an expensive one.

Combat wool is a blend of merino wool that Cordura says is 10,000 times more abrasion resistant than regular wool. It also has a mechanical stretching ability, which further contributes to durability and resistance to damage. Reviews online say that Combat Wool will resist shrinkage (* snicker *) and warping for many, numerous washes.

When asked if the new fabric was itchy at all or if a special underlay was recommended for comfort, ASNL replied: “[we wore it] with just a t-shirt and it didn’t itch at all.

There are two styles of Combat Wool flannel: Ntchwaidumela and Nemea. Yes, the first is difficult to pronounce and the second is a reference to the myth of Hercules. Both styles are initially available in black and red only, but they’re hoping to expand that palette if this race goes well (and it’s not like you have to match your ammo anyway).

For information on the All Skill No Luck Combat Flannel version:

ASNL Ntchwaidumela

Pronounced: N’tchwai’dumela: pronounced nn-chwy-doo-meh-la

Ntchwaidumela ways he who salutes with fire ”; the nickname comes from one of the fiercest lions to ever exist… a lion who’s The CW version of this garment has evolved slightly from its predecessors. It has a redesigned shoulder pocket with a slightly adjusted angle for better access, an additional internal pocket and a greater depth for more space.

The characteristics of Ntchaidumela flannel include:

  • 100% Cordura combat wool
  • Mandarin collar
  • contoured fit supreme comfort and softness
  • no exposed buttons
  • breast pockets angled inward with a slot to hold sunglasses
  • inward sloping shoulder pockets
  • adjustable positions for cuff thickness
  • 2 pen pockets on the forearm
  • available in Small to Double XL

cordura combat flannel

Nemean flannel

Nemean flannel, being similar to their Napalm design, is a more traditional flannel look. The shirt is named after the Nemean lion from Greek mythology. This legendary monster could not be killed with deadly weapons because its golden fur made it invulnerable to attacks. Hercules defeated him, naturally, and the skin of the Nemean lion became magical spoils of war. This would seem to make the ASNL jersey, then, the “flannel of the gods” (or at least a demigod).

  • Wool blend
  • double brushing for supreme comfort and softness
  • button closures throughout
  • chest pockets with a slot to hold sunglasses
  • hidden collar support buttons
  • adjustable positions for cuff thickness
  • Reinforced Bartack and double needle stitching in key areas
  • available in Small to Double XL and
  • military uniform style sizes medium / long, large / long, extra large / long and 2X large / long

All Skill No Luck Combat Wool Shoulder Pockets

All skills no luck

All Skill No Luck is a “vetrepreneur” managed business headquartered in Oceanside, California. Chuck Robe, one of the founder-owners, recently explained some of his background with his counterpart, Aaron Russell, and the genesis of All Skill No Luck.

“[When] I met Aaron, we both worked for a local company that made equipment and sold weapon kits. We both left after a while and did our own thing for a while. Aaron calls me one day and says, man, I have an idea.

It was all I needed to hear and I was in it.

ASNL started out as a lifestyle brand with shirts, hoodies, etc., but it wasn’t enough. Frankly, this shit is boring. When Aaron told me about the idea for the first Ntchwaidumela Flannel, aka Combat Flannel, and I knew it was something special… something different, and certainly not boring.

We got our hands on the lead sewer from our old business and explained what we wanted to do. He got to work to help us model and prototype. The very first Ntchwaidumela was modeled on the living room floor of Aaron’s house and sewn in the garage on a shit machine with shit material from Joann’s Fabrics.

Once we had the prototype, the production was as follows. We shopped all over Southern California looking for a place that would make the flannels, but no one wanted to care. We got exorbitant prices just for counter samples. Manufacturing abroad was not an option. Not that we couldn’t, but we refused. So we said shit, we can do this.

We started small, making shirts in the garage with a slightly better machine and that was it.

Quality was our number one priority. From the living room floor to our own tailoring shop and warehouse, and we never could have done it without our supporters.

Luck is no excuse. “

Flannel Cup

For you who have ever worn ASNL flannels and loved them (i.e. every ANSL wearer I have ever met, including me), the fit of the Ntchwaidumela CW version is, advise – they, “about the same as that of previous cotton clothes” and the Nemea goes “just like the Napalms” (qv). Size charts are available in several places on the ASNL website.

To verify ASNL, All skills no luck: Home of the combat hoodie, the “tactical” anti-drug hoodie and the combat flannel.

Follow them on Instagram, @allskillnoluck or connect with them on Facebook, / allskillnoluck /.

The following information comes from directly from the Cordua site and appears in the language of the manufacturer.

Cordura combat wool fabric

Comfort and aesthetics of wool with the performance of nylon

Combining the comfort and aesthetics of wool with the durability of nylon, CORDURA COMBAT WOOL fabrics deliver engineered endurance performance. Woven using INVISTA nylon 6,6 staple fibers which are intimately blended with merino wool for an authentic classic wool look and feel with improved abrasion resistance and toughness.


  • Robust – up to 10 times more abrasion resistant
  • Comfort – high wool content
  • Lightweight strength – optimum strength-to-weight ratio
  • Strong – excellent tear resistance
  • Authentic – look and feel of classic wool weaves
  • Minimum required INVISTA nylon 6.6 content

Fabric type: Woven constructions with and without stretch functionality. Can be finished, coated or laminated if required

The CORDURA COMBAT WOOL fabric portfolio offers wearable solutions for today’s active urban lifestyle and specialist applications in military and work uniforms. Some options can also be adapted for use in bags, shoes and accessories.

All Skill No Luck can be found here at:

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