Last Of Us Remake Gameplay Leak Shows Combat Hasn’t Changed Since 2013


Gameplay footage from The Last of Us Part 1 has leaked, suggesting the post-apocalyptic remake fails to change the 2013 title’s main combat.

Leaked gameplay footage from The last of us part 1 suggests the upcoming remake hasn’t changed the fight from the 2013 title. Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic action game was a massive hit when it launched nearly a decade ago, and The last of us part 2 effectively built on the intense survival gameplay of the original. When announcing the project, Naughty Dog confirmed the The last of us remake is reportedly overhauling both graphics and gameplay, but several leaked videos suggest otherwise.


The last of us stars as Joel, a seasoned survivor traveling through the ruins of America with a young girl named Ellie. The post-apocalyptic shooter focuses on survival, with players constantly hunting for ammo and resources to craft useful weapons. The title also featured exceptional artificial intelligence, with human enemies working together to flank the player or chase them from hiding. 2020s The last of us part 2 improved these systems by making the player more agile, letting them crawl on the ground and aim anywhere. The sequel also includes more realistic enemies who call each other by name and use dogs to follow the player. Despite claims that the last of us 2 gameplay features will be implemented in The last of us part 1leaks suggest that may not be the case.

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Leaked images of The last of us part 1shared on Twitter by Nick Baker and reported by Video games the Chronicle, shows the same fight as the original version of the game in 2013. The videos show Joel moving like he did in the original game, with artificial intelligence for Ellie and their enemies seemingly unchanged. Joel doesn’t crawl, and enemies don’t call each other by name or use tracking dogs. The last of us part 1 provides improved graphics, however, and as TLOU2 the remake changes how players aim the bow and shows Joel modifying his weapons in real time.

Since the reveal of the project, fans have questioned the price of The last of us part 1, with Sony selling the PlayStation 5 remake for a staggering $69.99. While that price might be fair for a brand new title, charging that much for a remake of a nearly decade-old game has left a bad taste in many gamers’ mouths. Nick Baker’s leaked gameplay, which suggests that The last of us part 1 combat system remains unchanged, is sure to spark even more debate over the value of the remake.

The last of us is a truly beloved title, and gamers expect a remake to actually enhance the title’s core gameplay to match. The last of us part 2. Although the leaked images of Nick Baker aren’t an official release, the videos suggest that the fight loop for the 2013 title will remain largely unchanged. The project’s graphics are certainly impressive, but a fresh coat of paint doesn’t justify a $70 price tag.

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The last of us part 1 will be released on September 2 on PlayStation 5.

Sources: Chronicle of video games, Nick Baker/Twitter


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