iOS Games Recap – Shovel Knight dives into Apple Arcade, Netflix’s brackish battle royale and Monument Valley 3 teased


This week in mobile gaming, a new retro classic released on Apple Arcade that you’ll definitely want to check out. There’s also a new battle royale game on Netflix that will help you fulfill all your pirating desires. Plus, we learned that Monument Valley 3 is on the way – eventually.

With so many fun games to discuss, let’s not tarry any further. On to the main event!

Can you dig? (Yes you can)

Screenshot of Shovel Knight Dig with Shield Knight

(Image credit: Yacht Club Games)

Apple Arcade has been getting into a good retro groove lately – after the addition of Amazing Bomberman and Horizon Chase’s OutRun-inspired fun, we now have pixel art perfection in the form of Shovel Knight Dig .

It’s a collaboration between series creator Shovel Knight Yacht Club Games and master mobile game maker Nitrome, and it’s wonderful.

The adventure platforming of the other games in the series is all there, but it’s more narrowly focused on finding treasure and trinkets while taking branching paths to the endgame.

Every part of the game is different, thanks to the way the game is remixed a bit each time you play, in true roguelike/roguelite style.

A cracker, then – a nice retro aesthetic wrapped in a very smart and modern game design.

All Aboard the Good Ship Netflix

Netflix subscribers have a growing catalog of quality games to experience through the iPhone and iPad app – and the latest is a battle royale game set on the high seas infested with pirates.

It was created by regular contributors from Netflix, Rogue Games and Amuzo, who are proven game makers at this point.

While they’ve clearly taken inspiration from the awesome Brawl Stars in how you level up and level up your characters, in actual battles it’s never a good time to roam around the brackish sea firing cannons and throwing explosive mines to eliminate other pirates. Recommended and completely free of in-app purchases and ads, just like Apple Arcade games.

Monument Valley 3 is coming, but not anytime soon

Monument Valley locations

(Image credit: Ustwo)

Ustwo Games revealed a little more about the highly anticipated Monument Valley 3 this week, as part of an interview about his next game Desta: The Memories Between, which will be released on Netflix next week.

Apparently, the team working on the game is growing and starting to refine the concept behind the game, although Ustwo Games Creative Director Danny Gray warns that the game is still “a long way off”.

We also got some first details about the game in March – when he appeared that the game might have a “green” theme, and that it was led by eco-warrior and former Subway Surfers designer Jennifer Estaris.

It’s not yet clear which platform it will emerge on – but we’re betting it’s a direct fight between Apple Arcade and Netflix to pick it up as an exclusive. It will be fascinating to see which tech giant Ustwo Games chooses to side with.

What else to play this week

Ascend game ios

(Image credit: Peter Moyle)

That’s it, friends!

That’s all the iOS gaming news for this week. There are several exciting iPhone games and iPad games on the horizon that we can’t wait to get our hands on. For now, the impressive releases of the past few days are more than enough to keep us entertained, and in a variety of genres too.

If nothing else, be sure to play Shovel Knight Dig as it’s a great new entry in the series. Of course, if you want something a little cooler, Lettermon is a fun way to relax and pass the time with adorable word puzzles and alphabet characters.

Until next week!

– Neil Alexander Long


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