Idaho Battle Royale on YouTube


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I’d like blame the pandemic but I believe that it’s the work of people with a bizarre mind and maybe a little more time every day in their lives.

Idaho Battle Royale on YouTube

I found some of the videos in the week, but I didn’t think about it since there was nothing more than a simple video that didn’t even showcase the winner. Then I realized it was a series of video in which the wheel randomly takes out a couple of counties in each episode until there’s just one remaining. It’s a bit silly and it is enjoyable, but it’s also entertaining to watch. Begin by watching Episode 1 and continue to scroll. The sixth episode just released when the time I wrote this article and it seems to be running one episode a day until there’s just one remaining county.

Who will take home Idaho Battle Royale? Idaho Battle Royale

James Cardin is the genius behind the idea of Idaho Battle Royale. He’s also played in other states, so it’s clear that he believes that it’s a good idea. If you’ve been through this far you’re aware that things are going well in Magic Valley counties. Twin Falls and Jerome are still fighting to be the title of Idaho’s most famous county ever. That’s at least the purpose of these videos. They don’t provide any explanation about the reason for eliminations. The counties in question could be secure and the one that is left is likely to be the biggest loser. However, as the time Twin Falls is still on the map, I’ll declare it to be the best county as it’s the one that’s still that’s left.

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