Huge Avengers Battle Could Be ‘Doctor Strange 2’ Biggest Leak Yet



As we get closer to the Spider-Man: No Path Home release, the number of leaks has increased significantly. But that’s not the only thrilling MCU multiverse adventure hitting theaters soon. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has a premiere date of March 25. Number of Doctor Strange 2 leaks have grown at a steady pace over the past few months, detailing a few unexpected plot elements. Most recent Doctor Strange 2 the leaks could give us a first glimpse of the crazy battle of the Avengers in the movie. Before going any further, let us specify that massive spoilers follow below. If you hate having spoiled surprises, this Multiverse of Madness it is better to avoid the leak.

The Doctor Strange 2 rumors

No way home is so exciting right now not because it’s a Spider-Man movie or because the identity of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker was revealed in the post-credits of Far from home. It is because of the multiverse that Spider-Man 3 is the topic of conversation in the city. Fans want to see Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield dress up as Peter Parker variations from the Sony standalone films and join Tom Holland in the same Spiderverse movie more than anything.

But the Doctor Strange 2 leaks are even more exciting than No way home rumors. They always have been. It was in early 2020 that we heard the first plot details for the sequel. Other reports have claimed that the film will feature all kinds of crazy cameos, including the Avengers who are no longer alive or X-Men mutants from the Fox Universe. This was at a time when Marvel was changing directors, several months before the studio shot the film.

Fast forward to the second half of 2021; the Doctor Strange 2 rumors have a different weight. The main filming of the film ended months ago and Marvel has already filmed some of the necessary covers.

The X-Men connection

It was against this backdrop that we had a crazy rumor a few weeks ago that claimed that Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) would fight an X-Men from the Multiverse in Doctor Strange 2. The first rumors were that Wanda would be one of the film’s anti-heroes, if not an outright villain.

The mutant to fight Wanda would be none other than Charles Xavier’s Professor X. And reports have indicated that it would be Patrick Stewart’s version, rather than James McAvoy’s Professor X, who takes on the witch Scarlett.

It didn’t stop there. Another story told us that Wanda would be so dangerous that Doctor Strange would consider killing her. It would be an impossible decision for the wizard – to kill another Avenger.

We explained at the time that we had already seen Avengers fight almost to the death. Therefore the Doctor Strange 2 leak made a lot of sense.

But Wanda, who is still an Avenger at the end of WandaVision, will also fight against members of the X-Men, not just against Avengers teammates.

The breathtaking new Doctor Strange 2 to flee

This brings us to a series of leaks Doctor Strange 2 images supposed to come from the first phase of the visual effects stage. It all started last week with this weird picture:

People claimed it was a “pre-visual” image showing Professor X in one of the iconic hoverchairs. Some have claimed that the photo was fake; others thought it might be from an Avengers-based video game.

But then, over the weekend, this image dropped:

It has the same “pre-screw hot leak” warning as before. We watch the same Professor X, but this time he confronts Wanda. They might just be 3D renderings of Stewart and Olsen, but it’s absolutely clear who each of them is.

The leaks did not end there. A third person posted the following image late Sunday:

Again, it is supposedly the Avenger who will go rogue in Doctor Strange 2.

A big grain of salt is recommended

The simplest explanation is that none of this is real. Wanda could be one of the villains in the film, and she could fight the members of the X-Men team in the film. But these pictures do not prove any of this.

The fact that multiple sources are disclosing these renders is confusing – well, either that or someone is using multiple Twitter accounts to disseminate these “preview” screenshots.

On the other hand, we have seen many surprising No way home leaks in recent weeks, including images with unfinished visual effects. Sony has confirmed some of these images by filing copyright claims against them. That’s not to say Marvel will do the same with these leaks. Just that anything is possible at this point. People who know the Doctor Strange 2 the plot could intentionally disclose authentic information.



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