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Fighting demons is often a daunting task, as fighting supernatural forces often requires great physical strength, superior mental strength, or both. In Black book, by Russian indie developer Morteshka, players will have to defeat evil spirits of all kinds, but not with swords or spells, but with their words.

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However, as card-based combat in this grim digital adventure can have a certain learning curve for some players, it would be ideal to stock up on consumables that can heal the player as well as grant other perks related to the game. fight.

player fighting a wolf-like demon in the tutorial and about to use an herb.

Since there is a lot going on, besides the learning curve, it can be a little hard to notice everything that is going on and hard to remember all the new words and concepts introduced. As such, it is possible to ignore icons hovering in the corners of screens, especially when viewed by a menacing demon made up of shadows and evil intentions.

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However, once one takes a look after familiarizing oneself with Black bookthe interface of, players will likely find the consumables menu at the bottom left of the screen. Just press the button or key next to it to open a small menu that displays the consumable items that are in your inventory. These consumables will often be herbs, which can have different effects depending on their species.

From this consumables menu, players can use an herb by highlighting it with their cursor and interacting with it. Luckily, that won’t take its turn, so be sure to use a consumable if things look bad.

Where to find consumables to use

Adam's head and prikrysh grass.

Where to find Adam’s head and what it does

This is by far the most common herb in the game, which is ideal, as Adam’s Head is a great way to heal both in and out of combat. Players can think of this orange plant as a small health potion, as each heals 5 HP, but can luckily be found in the wild.

Adam’s head can be found in fields and in grassy areas, so be sure to explore thoroughly to find as many of these helpful herbs as possible. Items only appear if the player is close to them, so it is recommended that you walk every inch of every screen.

Where to find Prikrysh-Herb and what it does

Much like Adam’s Head, Prikrysh-Herb can be found in fields and other grassy areas, however, these purple flowers are less common. This is because while Adam’s Head is more useful due to the fact that it is a salvage item, Prikrysh-Herb is arguably more powerful.

When used, this purple herb grants the player 5 Defense during the turn a Prikrysh-Herb is consumed. This gives the option to tank through a powerful demonic attack or negate minor attacks while allowing the player to focus on using offensive cards.

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