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How do you stay alive in a world that has become the modern dark age? You need your skills, your weapons and your wits. Dying Light 2 Stay Human’s parkour and creative combat mechanics allow you to combine all three to outsmart and outsmart your enemies.

Let’s start with parkour. It is the basis of your survival in The City. Here, a berserk Infected can hide behind every corner, and the streets are full of hostile henchmen. You have to be quick on your feet to surprise or outrun them. Being able to jump between rooftops, swing on monkey bars, or even hold onto a high position is a lifeline. Literally! Also, if you want to find supplies, your best bet is to check out all the hard-to-reach places.

And yes, you get a grapple! As well as a paraglider and a bunch of other useful tools. These will change the way you move and open up a lot of new tactics. This is all the more important given that the city is a sprawling, rich environment in vertical layers. It is full of alternative routes to explore.

In Dying Light 2 Stay Human, parkour is what they call “easy to learn, hard to master”. It’s always engaging, fluid and natural. To do this, we have created thousands of animations and countless environmental elements with which to interact. As a result, parkour is like a yin to yang of creative combat. And speaking of combat …

How you approach enemies will depend on which faction you side with, what weapons you prefer, the threat you face, and your current location. The variety of possibilities at all times allows you to truly find your own playstyle. However, you will not be the dominant power on the battlefield. Enemies pose a serious threat and they have their own quirks or tactics. The Infected are mostly bullies, dangerous in packs, but humans are even worse. They rarely walk alone. according to group tactics instead.

The behavior of your enemies also differs depending on the weapons they carry. We’ve made sure the arsenal fits into the concept of Modern Dark Ages, with an emphasis on makeshift and modified items. One glance is all it takes to see if your enemy is wielding something made from spare parts, found in a museum, or looted from a destroyed military vehicle. But you can fight back! Especially if you take the time to improve your weapon. You can modify it to add durability or a special effect such as fire, poison, or freeze.

Living to see another day is of course a challenge in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. But you are a survivor. Stay freezing and you’ll be fine. Find out for yourself when the game launches on December 7th!



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