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Guardians of the Galaxy can have confidence issues, but they complement each other well in battle. Here’s how to get the most out of it in combat.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy makes perfect use of each guardian’s claim to glory during combat. The team blend seamlessly into the classic RPG roles of attacking, defending, and supporting while living true to their reputations in the comics and movies. To be successful in battle, players will need to understand the role of each Guardian and how best to use each character. This guide will walk players through the basics of combat in guardians of the galaxy.

Each goalie offers different offensive and defensive capabilities. Some can stagger enemies faster (making them vulnerable to attack), while others are great for momentarily immobilizing enemies and allowing the team to breathe. Combat has an extra layer of customization through ability points, which can be spent to learn new moves. Ability points are shared between each goalie, so players will have to choose which moves to learn. This restriction allows players to develop individual approaches to combat.

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How to use Star-Lord in battle

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Ability Screen.

Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, is a ranged attacker and, as the player character, the team’s combat strategist. He’s a jack of all trades that can deal damage and then stagger enemies with his loaded shotgun upgrade, as well as dodge attacks with his Point of View ability so he can monitor more easily. the battle. In dire circumstances, Star-Lord can use melee combat, but it’s best to stay out of close encounters.

Star-Lord must also listen to allies who need help. He can help them by destroying enemies or obstacles preventing them from fighting, as well as healing allies when they are low on energy. At this point, Star-Lord also initiates the Huddle. This ability brings the team together for a pep talk, and if Star-Lord says the right thing, the team will receive a stat boost.

How to use Gamora in combat

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora Ability Screen.

Gamora is a big dealer who can pierce enemy defenses. She can pierce an enemy’s shield with her lethal strike ability and take out environmental dangers hanging over unsuspecting enemies. Gamora can take out minor enemies quickly with her Shadow Strike, which targets multiple enemies in quick succession and deals significant damage to tougher enemies that have been staggered. His combat prowess lives up to his reputation as a deadly assassin. Players can use Gamora to take out annoying enemies and disable defensive abilities.

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How to use Drax in combat

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Drax ability screen.

Drax is the Guardian’s heavyweight. It’s a powerhouse that can deal significant damage, but it’s especially useful for knocking down enemies. His destruction ability deals a large amount of offset and damage to a single enemy, while Katathian Charge and Pound And Pummel are a mix of offense and defense. The former deals huge and light damage to multiple enemies, while the latter deals damage. Both attacks knock down enemies, giving the Guardians some breathing space.

Not only are Drax’s abilities great at wearing down enemies, he’s also capable of finding heavy items in combat environments, some of which are explosive, and throwing them at enemies. Drax is best unleashed on tougher opponents with high defense who need to be staggered.

How to use the rocket in combat

Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Ability Screen.

Rocket is an offensive support fighter. He is an explosives master and is excellent at area control. Rocket’s Cluster Bomb damages multiple enemies within a given radius, making him useful for defeating minor enemies like Jackogels who would otherwise overrun the Guardians. This ability can also deal moderate damage to standard enemies with a bit more defense, making them easier to take down for other Guardians.

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Rocket’s Gravistack grenade doubles as a defensive maneuver, suspending immobilized enemies clustered in midair, while his Glowing Pains grenade deals damage over time. Rocket is a specialist in regrouping and cleaning up combat remnants.

How to use Groot in combat

Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Ability Screen.

Groot is a defensive support fighter, not a big damage dealer. He can use the natural environment to knock down enemies, which is useful when Guardians are overwhelmed and need to regroup. Her Entanglement ability restricts enemies, preventing them from moving, and her Uproot ability damages enemies while throwing them into the air. As players unlock more of Groot’s abilities, he is able to deal more damage to larger enemies and stagger them. Whenever Guardians are overwhelmed or have low health, summon Groot to perform an area check.

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