How Marvel’s Fight Against Midnight Suns Will Showcase Heroes’ Powers



Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a new tactical game from Firaxis that will allow players to control some classic heroes from the Marvel Universe.

The next Firaxis game Marvel’s Midnight Suns will give the tactical genre a twist by giving players a hand of cards to control the fight. Cards will only be a way for players to wield superhero powers while battling Lilith and her demon hordes.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Will follow the story of a team of Marvel superheroes who work to stop Lilith, the mother of demons who works to end the world and raise her master, Chthon. To do this, the heroes will awaken a human known as Hunter, who not only was trained to fight Lilith, but is also her child. The hunter is an original character created for the video game and will be the main character that players control, although they can interact with other Marvel superheroes and take these heroes into battle alongside them. While Marvel’s Midnight Suns features Lilith as the main villain, other classic antagonists like Hydra will also make an appearance.

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Even if Marvel’s Midnight Suns is from the same team that made the tactical move XCOM, a new trailer launched by IGN shows how much different combat will be from alien fighting game. On the one hand, the fight will be controlled by a random hand of cards dealt to the player. These cards are the first way Marvel’s Midnight Suns will present the powers of heroes, as the cards are unique to each hero and are taken from their well-known abilities. Nico Minoru, for example, has a card called “Curse” which reflects his magical abilities, while Wolverine cards feature abilities such as “Beserk ” and “Fast forward slash “, highlighting his claws and rage in battle.

How the abilities of Marvel’s Midnight Suns heroes interact with the environment

Marvel's Midnight Suns Magik gameplay

Firaxis calls Marvel’s Midnight Suns a “cinematic tactical affair,“and clearly wants players to feel like they’re taking part in awesome superhero fights. This is demonstrated by the fact that heroes’ abilities don’t just do static damage to enemies, but also interact with the environment. While it is impressive to use a magic whip to slice an enemy, it is far more impressive to use this whip to hurl it up the side of a cliff, or to use the energy of the explosion. to ignite an oil canister in a fiery explosion. Players will also be able to unlock different ultimate abilities for their characters by equipping different costumes. Marvel’s Midnight Suns are said “changing battlefield“, indicating that they are an impressive display of a hero’s power.

There are still more details to come Marvel’s Midnight Suns, especially on how things like combos or ultimates will charge or work. This initial trailer, however, seems to be meant to leave players with the impression that just because they’re using cards for combat doesn’t mean the fights themselves won’t be an epic affair.

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Source: IGN

Marvel’s Midnight Suns arrives on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PC in March 2022.

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