How I Survive Christmas Stress Every Year: A Working Mom’s Hopeful Game Plan


“Ooh, mom, the gift tags are really cute this year. Can we get them? ”

“Mom, can we get these sparkling balls? We broke quite a few last year.

“Look, look, look, this packaging design is running out, let’s buy more – just in case.”

And just like that, I made myself Alice and I fell into the rabbit hole it’s Christmas in my house. And I have no hope of being free until Boxing Day. Such a happy moment.

It is also a time of distraction. When you’ve got something as big as Christmas (and all those birthdays) looming, it’s hard to focus. So coming out unharmed means good planning and quick decisions (one of them being: buy first, regret later).

I zigzag between actual work and filling my ever-expanding to-do list, covering buying gifts, wrapping gifts, setting up the tree, planning the menu and schedule. cooking, and all other details.


A word of advice to other parents: Don’t start anything new for Christmas if you don’t plan to repeat it next year, and next, and next, and… Just don’t. Say no. Use distraction tactics. Walk away and don’t look back.

When I had only one child, rituals were all around her – bringing the wonder of the season to the little one and helping her form warm memories of her childhood. As my family has grown, our Christmas rituals and traditions have also grown.


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