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Exploration and combat in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game has been featured in new trailers, highlighting battles, player choices, and more.

Eidos-Montreal has released two new trailers for the upcoming one Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy video game, showing the title fight as well as an overview of the non-combat exploration. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy slated for release later this year and promises to deliver an action-packed narrative adventure with no microtransactions or multiplayer unlike Marvel Avengers, which has come under heavy criticism for its live service elements.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy The game will take the classic character cast in a new twist, using elements from both the comic and cinematic versions of the Guardians to deliver a whole new take on the famous Guardians of the Galaxy. The game will see players accidentally triggering a chain of catastrophic events, which will trigger a journey through worlds filled with familiar Marvel faces as well as new and original characters. Players will take control of Star-Lord, fighting alongside Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Gamora, and Drax. While some fans are upset that Star-Lord is GotGThe only playable character in, the game has already won over many Marvel fans before its launch on October 26.

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In two new trailers, Eidos-Montreal offers an in-depth look at by marvel guardians of the galaxy, showing combat and exploration footage. As the fight trailer shows, players will be able to call on any Guardian during the fight, although they will assist them without being called out. Guardians each have unique abilities, allowing for an element of strategy against different enemies. Rocket is the game’s explosives specialist, relying on guns and grenades, while Groot serves as the group’s protector, immobilizing enemies and reviving fallen Guardians. Described as the group “wrecking ball, “Drax is great for dealing a lot of damage and stunning enemies, and Gamora uses”finesse and fury“to take down enemies with single target attacks. Finally, Star-Lord’s fighting style varies with available melee attacks and guns, as well as throwing boots to get a higher view of the field Star-Lord can also unlock additional abilities to unleash devastating combo attacks.

Watch the fight trailer on YouTube here.

Watch the exploration trailer on YouTube here.

In the guardians of the galaxy Exploration trailer, players see some of the environments they will be able to explore, including the ship Milano, the house of the Guardians. The trailer shows Drax and the crew enjoying a downtime on the Milano, with the developer promising opportunities to “become more familiar“with in-game characters. Choices will become available as players choose sides and make calls, which can impact relationships with the Guardians. Fans will also be able to explore multiple planets, as well as iconic Marvel locations.Environmental puzzles featured in the trailer reveal that, like the battle scenarios, players will need to use the help of the Guardians to solve them all.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is poised to offer a lot of things to its players as they progress through the story. It is not yet clear how long the game will take to beat, although it has already been confirmed that the release will not have multiple endings. This suggests that player choices won’t have too much of an impact on the story itself, which some may find disappointing. Although the duration of the game is not known, guardians of the galaxy should be around 40GB in size on PS5, ahead of day one patches.

Gamers don’t have to wait long to experience the game for themselves and see how it integrates with other Marvel video games. PlayStation exclusives Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales set the bar high for single player Marvel games, but unlike those successes, the Guardians the game is not developed by Insomniac Games. 2020s Marvel Avengers, which focuses on the multiplayer live service elements, has been criticized by fans, and hopefully Marvel’s GotG will fare better with players and critics. The first glimpses of guardians of the galaxy suggest the game will deliver the humor and charm the characters are known for, but the gameplay itself could be lackluster. Fans can find out for themselves when the title releases in October.

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Source: YouTube / EidosMontréal

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