Here’s how much it costs to show a game in Gamescom Opening Night Live


A one-minute trailer in Gamescom’s Opening Night Live is worth €125,000 (~$127,600), according to Gamescom itself. This is the price quoted for “partners”, i.e. sponsors, to secure a place in the opening livestream hosted by Geoff Keighley, which last year lasted two hours and included more than 30 games.

There’s nothing unusual about sponsors paying to have their games featured in a big showcase like Opening Night Live. If you’ve watched a few such live streams, you’ve probably noticed some games that kept popping up in a clearly concerted marketing campaign (I’m looking at you, Blankos Block Party).

What is unique is the price to pay for this sponsorship to be public information: as found by Start Menu Lex Luddy, Gamescom lists prices for Opening Night Live trailers on a publicly available B2B page. A 30 second spot starts at €85,000, although you get the most bang for your buck with a 90 second spot for €165,000.

I reached out to Keighley and Gamescom with a few questions about pricing and what percentage of Open Night Live is made up of sponsored segments. Gamescom declined to respond specifically, but said the majority of games featured on the show were included for free. Other events, including our very own PC Gaming Show, operate similarly, with the majority of games being editorial inclusions and others being paid sponsors. These events cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, according to my colleague Evan Lahti, Global Editor of PC Gamer, to pay for talent, cameras, studio time, motion graphics, crew, travel, and, like we did for a year, an animatronic robot to co-host the show.

The price of a segment in Opening Night Live seems steep, but that’s not even the full cost of attending a big industry event like Gamescom. This year, it’s only available to “partners” who are already at the Gamescom event in person, which is also expensive. The cheapest option for showing consumers a game, a “terrace stand” on the show floor, costs €149.50 per square meter of space, but you get a small discount if your stand takes up more 500 or 1000 square meters.

Oh, and if you want the “digital partner package” to use the Gamescom brand online or participate in things like “Gamescom Steam cooperation and other platform partnerships” it’s an additional €900. Gamescom notes that it offers “special indie pricing”, but it’s clearly very expensive to attend these sorts of large-scale events, even if you don’t drop big stacks to appear in a stream. live. You can see the full breakdown in this Gamescom 2022 PDF.

With E3 back as an in-person public event in 2023, you can bet it will be just as costly for game developers to attend. In 2020, Reedpop, the PAX organizer who will now also organize E3, hoped to have publishers like Microsoft and Sony to pay $250,000 to have a deluxe digital “booth” during the online-only event. According to Virtualeconcast’s analysis, the most expensive digital booth Reedpop actually sold was $18,500.


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