Halo Subreddit goes on lockdown to fight toxicity



The Halo subreddit is locked down in order to combat toxic behavior as players continue to voice complaints about Halo Infinite.

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Infinite halo officially launches in a few days, but its multiplayer beta was released on November 15 following a live broadcast celebrating 20 years of Xbox. Since then, players have been using social media and the Halo subreddit to express their complaints about the current state of Infinite halo.

Most of the complaints were about overpriced cosmetics and how players progress through the Battle Pass. Additionally, the in-game challenges are designed around performing specific tasks in different modes, resulting in a situation where team members only focus on the challenge and completely ignore their performance. 343 Industries has indicated that it is aware of these concerns and is working to make changes that will satisfy the majority of the player base.


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Due to rampant negativity and toxicity, the Halo subreddit has now been put under lockdown. This should last all Sunday and the subreddit will reopen on Monday. According to the reddit post, the purpose of this lockdown is to help calm people down and hopefully facilitate more fruitful discussions regarding Infinite halo. The moderation team mentions that a lot of insults have been thrown, from both satisfied and frustrated players. He also wants to limit critical duplicate or low effort posts.

343 Industries has received criticism from both the media and fans, and the developer has made changes throughout this beta period. While most people are happy with the gameplay, they feel that the Battle Pass system needs a complete overhaul in order to make unlocking cosmetic items less of a hassle. In order to facilitate this, 343 Industries recently increased the daily XP bonus players receive for the first 6 matches of Infinite halo.

343 Industries also recently confirmed that it is working on adding new playlists to Infinite halo later this month. This includes Free-For-Fall, Fiesta, and the ever-popular SWAT game mode. A Social Slayer playlist, with multiple variations, is also in the works, but it won’t be ready until after the holiday season.

A Slayer-only playlist has been at the forefront of player demands, such as outside Ranked Battles and in Big Squad, Infinite halo launched with just Quick Play, a comprehensive playlist that also includes various objective-based game modes. It is a stark contrast to the previous one Halo games where players were allowed to freely choose from different variations within game modes.

Infinite halo releases for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S on December 8.

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