Halo Infinite’s Spartan Last Stand isn’t a battle royale and that’s a good thing


Halo Multiplayer has always been a mainstay of competitive multiplayer and helped create the standard for what online multiplayer should be. Infinite Halo has grown and adapted to continue the lineage of classic FPS multiplayer gaming, but in recent years popularity has shifted from standard and objective-based multiplayer deathmatch modes to the Battle Royale type of game. Many franchises have started to include Battle Royale modes in an effort to stay relevant in the ever-changing world of competitive multiplayer.


Infinite Halo attempted to recapture the classic multiplayer feel of the original trilogy while staying up to date with more modern features. Although many rumors have speculated that this entry in the series will also include a battle royale, it seems that Infinite Halo decided to go a different route that still feels like new, more modern game modes while staying true to Haloits roots.

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What is Last Spartan Standing?

Infinite HaloThe second multiplayer season introduced a lot of new content, including new maps, battle pass rewards, and game modes centered around the season’s title, Lone Wolves. The most notable addition to Season 2 was the Last Spartan Standing game mode, which is a twist on the already established free-for-all game type, but comes with a few additional twists and features.

Last Spartan Standing pits 12 players against each other on one of the Big Team Battle maps, except these maps have been sectioned off to create a tight combat area that begins to shrink as the game progresses and the players are eliminated. In this sense, Last Spartan Standing is very similar to a battle royale as both game modes create a constant sense of urgency and panic as the map shrinks and the fights become more intense.

However, there is an additional feature in Last Spartan Standing that changes the game even more. Unlike the classic Halo multiplayer or other battle royales where players have to find weapons on the battlefield and each player has essentially an equal chance of claiming a powerful weapon, Last Spartan Standing has adopted a feature from the popular Call of Duty game mode, Gun Game.

As players begin to kill and progress through each game, they are rewarded with new weapons that vary in strength and utility on each map. Although this feature can be considered a huge advantage for experienced players, fans of the series know that every weapon in Halo is unique and may not be effective in all scenarios, which could give less experienced players an edge in battle and allow them to catch up. Additionally, each player also receives five lives, which helps them stay in the game longer and eases some of the tension typically found in single-elimination game modes.

How Last Spartan Standing Stands Out Against Battle Royales

Although Last Spartan Standing could be considered a version of a battle royale, it actually cleverly combines the functionality of several different game modes. This new type of game has definitely adopted the features of battle royales, but it’s tweaked them to better fit Halo without creating a battle royale entirely, which is fine. Modern competitive multiplayer games are constantly competing with each other to try to create the best unique experience. This constant desire to be the best has led several games to create similar experiences, such as the rise of battle royales. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with the popular game mode, with so many games trying to compete, it’s easy for some to get lost in the crowd or lose touch with their roots. .

Infinite Halo‘s Last Spartan Standing was able to create its own unique game mode that encompasses a few different and beloved features from popular games while retaining the Halo basic multiplayer experience. Although it is still possible that Halo might receive a battle royale in the future, this new game mode shows that classic multiplayer is still able to stay relevant and rival other FPS titles.

Infinite Halo is available now on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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