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Last weekend I spent an unreasonable time playing Infinite haloThe Big Team Battle (BTB) mode of.

While the highly anticipated game’s first technical flight was an impressive start, BTB’s 12v12 deathmatch felt absolutely electric compared to the often boring battles I’m used to experiencing in Battle Royale titles (BR ) like Apex Legends.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m a huge fan of Mountain peak, but to get to those compelling, action-packed Spitfire moments, there are lulls where you’re forced to scour the map in the hopes of finding someone to shoot at. To put it bluntly, spending time and spending time looking for the perfect weapons and accessories, to be killed in seconds, can get boring very quickly.

This is obviously not the case with all BR matches, but it happens quite often – even if you’re good at the game – and anyone who’s played a Battle Royale title will know exactly what I’m talking about.

Infinite halo doesn’t suffer from this issue and while playing BTB I was quickly reminded why I love arena shooters so much.

First of all, increasing the total number of BTB players to 24 makes the action absolutely uninterrupted. From the moment you appear, you are in an all out war filled with super soldiers. Sniper shots echo in the distance, a guy on your team is making donuts in a mongoose for no reason, and the former resident MLG pro is talking about “how good the combat rifle feels, man.”

My experience with InfiniteBTB mode of feels more like the Halo I remember that both Halo 4 and Halo 5 – and that’s saying something.

The two BTB maps available this weekend, “Behemoth” and “Fragmentation,” are ideal for large-scale combat with vehicles, with the latter arena being my favorite. Hopping into a warthog with a childhood friend behind the wheel and manipulating the shooters seat, so as not to kill anyone because we instantly rolled around, remains as fun as it was in Advanced fights back in 2001.

Stick to the Halo: CE / Halo 2 nostalgia, flying through the Foundation in a recently abandoned Ghost, and crushing helpless enemies reminds me of the countless LAN parties I attended as a teenager. You might not be able to hear your opponent scream in anguish when you crush them, but it still feels good after all these years and adds to the overall chaos of the BTB.

Likewise, the ability to tackle all vehicles with the “Grapple Shot” brings a fun new variable to BTB’s gameplay. While I was only able to pull off the move once after tying myself to the back of a warthog, during a match, I watched in amazement at a player from my team hanging on to the wasp of an opponent and took control of the vehicle – while hovering in the air over the map.

Infinite halo

Moments like this made me feel like I was right in the middle of an action movie.

Other fun equipment is extremely useful in BTB, such as the “Dynamo Grenade”, for example. This tool renders any nearby vehicle unusable for a brief period, which is especially handy if your opponent is trying to escape while playing Capture The Flag.

Just as compelling is the “fusion coils,” explosive rounds you can pick up and throw, but mostly because I’ve never seen anyone use one successfully. On the other hand, if you’re holding a Fusion Coil, you’re actually just a walking bomb; I managed to take out a running enemy with one with a well-placed pistol shot.

My action packed weekend with Infinite halo reaffirmed my belief that the game doesn’t need a Battle Royale mode to be successful. 343 Industries really has something special about Infinite which both modernizes the series and retains what made it so great in the first place. He also makes his own way through first-person shooter space, which is something the Halo series needs right now.

Based on the several clips I saw from last weekend’s technical flight (there are a few above), I have no doubts Infinite halo will find the young audience it needs to thrive (especially since it’s free). Halo The identity is that this is an arena shooter, and straying too far from its roots to capitalize on a still relatively new trend is not worth 343’s effort.

Infinite haloMultiplayer already includes everything it needs to be successful, and the chaos of BTB seems to be about to be its biggest draw.

Infinite halo is scheduled for December 8 and will be included in Microsoft’s Game Pass subscription service on day one. The game’s multiplayer mode is free.



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