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Ubisoft went on stage earlier today to announce Phantom reconnaissance front line, a free battle royale game that features over 100 players vying for information. It is still very much like a Ghost recognition game, but with some clear twists. The players are placed in squads of three and you will have the choice between different classes. Phantom reconnaissance front line will be playable on October 14 in its first closed beta test, but only for European players.

As mentioned, Phantom reconnaissance front line brings different ideas to the old formula. The game will be entirely first-person, eliminating the more traditional third-person camera. You can call in air drops, such as armored walls to aid in defense, as well as vehicles. The aim is to collect information on various objectives located on Drakemoor Island. Once you’ve gathered enough information, you converge on a drop zone for checkout.

Extract in Phantom reconnaissance front line is a situation familiar to those who have played The division. Once you’ve requested an evacuation, red rocket smoke rises in the sky and all players are notified of the location of your extraction. Naturally, your team will have to prepare to defend, likely with the aforementioned drop walls, as the remaining players are fighting for your asses. Remembering my time trying to extract goods from the dark zone in The division, extract sounds as if it would be chaos. Smart players will likely put up good defenses or hide in bushes while looking for enemy movement. But I imagine it’s going to get complicated no matter how prepared you are.

Phantom reconnaissance front line closed beta is coming soon

We will know for sure once the Phantom reconnaissance front line Closed beta testing begins next week. However, it will only be available to European PC players at first. Ubisoft notes that there will be more testing “at a later date”. The upcoming Closed Beta will feature three of the available classes: Assault, Support, and Scout. I guess you can guess which class can do what. But if you need a clue, Assault is your regular fighter, Support has “fortification abilities” and Scout is able to recognize terrain and use a sniper rifle.

To celebrate Ghost Recon’s 20th anniversary, Ubisoft is giving away the original for free. Tom Clancy’s phantom recognition can be retrieved for free from Ubisoft Connect. The developer is also offering the Fallen Ghost DLC for Ghost Reconnaissance Wildlands, and Deep State Adventure DLC for Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The deal only lasts until October 11.

To know more Phantom reconnaissance front line, you can consult the official page where you can register for the closed beta test.

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