Game of Thrones: 10 times we’ve all fallen in love with Daenerys


Alongside other popular mainstays like Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister, House Targaryen’s Daenerys Stormborn quickly became one of the most popular characters in Game Of Thrones. The exiled princess of the overthrown dynasty, with silvery hair and an affinity for fire and dragons, was one of the more traditional “fantasy” characters on the show, and in any other program would have been the protagonist.

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Additionally, Daenerys was the sole protagonist of an entire third of the series, being the main character across the continent of Essos for at least four seasons, until other characters such as Tyrion and Varys came along. to rejoin. As a result, she had many opportunities to show features and experience events that made audiences adore her.

ten Give water to a dying slave

Game of Thrones' Astapor Punishment March

As she struggled with her temper, vengeful streak, and desire to rule, Daenerys always showed compassion for those around her, especially the oppressed, having been raised in flight and homeless for much. of his childhood.

In the episode “Walk of Punishment”, the slavers took Daenerys on a tour of Astapor, including along the titular Walk of Punishment, where disobedient slaves are crucified as a warning. When a dying and ailing slave begged for water, Daenerys was the only one to go to him and help him, comforting him. It was a small act, but one that strengthened Daenerys’ compassionate heart.

9 Learn to survive your marriage

Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo sit together at their Game of Thrones wedding

Daenerys’ initial storyline involved her marriage to warlord Dothraki Khal Drogo, as her Khaleesi. The first episode showed her as a mostly passive victim, the plan being devised by her brother, Viserys, and their host, Illyrio Mopatis. Drogo was shown to be rude and indifferent in their marriage.

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In the second episode, however, Daenerys asked for advice on how to take power in her marriage, so that she can do more than just be used by those around her. It was the first sign of the legendary willpower Daenerys would show, and a first sign that she was an active figure with the agency, boosting her popularity.

8 Threatening and Punishing Viserys

Daenerys strikes and threatens Viserys in Game of Thrones

Throughout the first season, Daenerys’ brother Viserys was a constant and unwelcome presence in her life. He was boastful, arrogant, weak and selfish, caring little for Daenerys or the life she was trying to build among the Khalasar of Drogo. Despite this, Daenerys tolerated him, both out of love and because of the domineering presence he had always been.

When Viserys crossed a line and punched her, Daenerys showed her steel, reminding her that she was a Khaleesi and that he was not yet king, and informing her that she would have him maimed. if he hit her again. This moment really showed that Daenerys was gaining momentum and only won the admiration of the public.

7 Riding Drogon for the first time

Daenerys keeps Drogon away from the Sons of the Harpy in Game of Thrones

With Game Of Thrones acting as a dark subversion and deconstruction of the fantasy genre, dragons were a rare element of high magic in what was otherwise primarily a show of low magic – in its early seasons. While they too have been deconstructed, with Daenerys struggling to understand, raise, and train them, they have nonetheless become one of the most iconic parts of the series.

As a result, despite the grim circumstances, it’s a moment most fans can’t help but love when Daenerys finally rides Drogon for the first time, taking off from Mereen during the first dragon flight that took place in Westeros for over a century.

6 Start bonding with Jon

Daenerys Targaryen chats with Jon Snow on Dragonstone Island Game of Thrones

At the start of Season 7, Daenerys clashed with Jon Snow after obeying his summons to visit him in Dragonstone. As he didn’t want to promise Daenerys the North after his long history of trouble with Southron’s rulers, Daenerys prevented him from leaving the island and threatened to declare him an open rebel.

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Nonetheless, after some time getting to know each other, Daenerys relented somewhat, allowing Jon to harness the Dragonglass and bluntly apologizing for his father’s atrocities, before making a firmer alliance later. It was a moment of humility and concession for Daenerys that reminded fans of her potential as a queen.

5 Burn the Khals in Vaes Dothrak

Daenerys Targaryen sets Vaes Dothrak on fire and kills the Khals in Game of Thrones

In season 6, Daenerys was captured by Khal Moro and his Khalasar. After pushing back their initial threats with her widowed status of Drogo, the Khal instead decided to obey the Dothraki law and make Daenerys one of the Dosh Khaleen, the Khaleesis widows who act as spiritual leaders of the Dothraki. .

Once there, Daenerys’ challenge angered the Khals, who threatened to give her to slavers first and then assault her. In response, Daenerys pushed a brazier, illuminating the ancient city of the Dothraki as she walked without burning through the flames. It was a show of power that stuck in the minds of many fans.

4 Refuse to leave Yunkai

Daenerys meets vendor leaders ahead of Yunkai's Game of Thrones battle

After winning an immaculate army, Daenerys’ advisers asked her to leave Essos and begin his conquest of Westeros, given their reputation as the best soldiers in the world. Daenerys instead started a campaign in Slaver’s Bay, fixing her eyes on Yunkai.

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When her advisers, including Jorah Mormont, pointed out that Daenerys had no reason to conquer Yunkai, as it would not help them in Westeros, Daenerys simply asked how many slaves there were in the city and said each of them ‘between them was a reason. . It was a highlight that reminded viewers of Daenerys’ will, compassion, and drive.

3 Save the Lazareen slaves

Daenerys Protects Dothraki Game of Thrones Slave Girls

When Khal Drogo initially planned his conquest of Westeros in Season 1, he first had the Lazareen lands attacked by his Khalasar to acquire slaves to fund the war effort. During the attack, Daenerys saw several warriors sexually assault Lazareen girls and took their protection using her status as Khaleesi.

In the end, this caused tension within the Khalasar, but Daenerys refused to back down. Many fans appreciated her determination to protect helpless girls, even with everything else.

2 Astapor’s bag

Daenerys watches Drogon and the Unsullied Astapor bag in Game of Thrones

One of Daenerys’ most iconic moments came in Season 3, when she decided to acquire an Unsullied army. Not having the funds to pay it, she instead traded in her biggest dragon, Drogon, for all of them. When the handover took place, however, Drogon refused to obey his new “master” and Daenerys gave him a simple order: “Dracarys”.

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The resulting Dragonfire Slavery Kill became a fan favorite moment, especially when Daenerys used her new Unsullied to send Astapor back and free any slaves still in bondage there.

1 Birth of the first dragons in over a century

Daenerys causes the birth of the first dragons in over a hundred years Game of Thrones

Daenerys’ story seemed to end tragically in the closing episode of Season 1, with Daenerys forced to kill Drogo out of pity and then climb to his funeral pyre. When the smoke cleared, Daenerys rested in the flames with three young dragons, having hatched them from Maegi’s death at the stake.

It was an important moment in Westeros, but also in the real world, with the scene becoming one of the most iconic in the entire series and setting up the entirety of Daenerys’ story from that point on. Viewers were thrilled and it cemented Daenerys as a fan favorite.

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