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Game Developer Tycoon is a title that lets gamers live out their wildest fantasies and run their own game development studio. From humble beginnings, gamers will be able to create incredible experiences that will span a career spanning over three decades with truly thrilling games.

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Much of a successful game release in Game Developer Tycoon is to combine certain topics and game genres to create engaging titles that are fun to play. However, finding those perfect combinations can be a chore, so this list will detail some of the safest and most profitable combinations players can create in-game to boost their sales from the start.


ten Fantasy action RPGs

Perhaps the most obvious inclusion on this list is fantasy action RPGs. You only have to look at the game market and its most popular titles to see how popular high fantasy really is, especially when combined with the elements of an action game with RPG elements.

These games are incredibly popular in Game Developer Tycoon, but keep in mind that a focus on the action would require the game to run smoothly as butter and look pretty good too. Thus, players should ideally start small before venturing into this difficult but highly successful combination.

9 Strategic action games with Dungeon Crawling

Dungeon exploration is an important part of most action games, with these enclosed areas providing ample opportunity for enemy variety and level design. Combining a bit of strategy into the procedure would make things even more engaging.

So, it’s just a given that this combination nets a ton of cheddar for a player’s business. While this can also be attempted from the start, players should always try another path that is less resource-intensive and takes into account the company’s workforce strengths.

8 Sci-fi action and adventure titles

Science fiction has lent itself to some of the most memorable and captivating worlds ever created. The vast unexplored expanses of space mean that the possibilities for stories set in different galaxies are indeed quite immense.

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Using this setting for an action-adventure title is meant to have a good time. A gamer’s business is sure to attract a ton of fans once they pick up this hit combination!

seven Spy Adventure RPG

Black Ops is something players are very interested in. While there is nothing wrong with combining this with an action-oriented mindset, players who want to hammer the idea of ​​stealth into this game should do the same using a clever combination of genres. .

First, the adventure tag gives the impression of one big spy story that spans several exotic areas and locations. With the additional integration of RPG elements, the title can be even more playful!

6 Space simulation games with an emphasis on action

Space is a hot topic for many gamers who enjoy exploring what this setting has to offer. The combination of this setting with the idea of ​​simulations is meant to have a great time, with players loving this combination as is.

For extra points, a healthy dose of action can be injected into the development process. The end result is a resounding success that will propel the appeal of these games into the stratosphere.

5 Casual fashion RPGs

Sometimes players may not want to repeat the same old combination over and over again. After all, a large part of Game Developer Tycoon lets players do what they want and create what they want, so sticking to the same genre combinations can get tiring after a while.

So players who want to try something a little different can do the same using the fashion backdrop to create something remarkable. Keeping a casual focus on this title and cramming in some RPG elements can go a long way towards making this title marketable.

4 Adventurous life simulators

Life simulators are easily among the most popular games. Players just have to watch titles like The Sims to see just how massive an audience these games really have.

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Combining this marketable combination with a bit of adventure can make this game very appealing to a ton of fans. It’s a simple and effective way to spice up the proceedings if players have been sticking to a set of genre combinations for a while.

3 Strategic action games in a medieval setting

The medieval setting is a historical and intriguing backdrop for most games. It goes without saying that action games benefit the most here, but a smart combination can boost sales even further.

This is where a strategic angle comes into play. Many games have already used the medieval backdrop to create gripping strategy titles, and players can do the same in Game Developer Tycoon!

2 Fantasy action-adventure titles

Fantasy is a golden genre that has many successful combinations. The action-RPG connection has already been mentioned in this contest, and the action genre can also help bring out the adventurous side of a fantasy game.

This leads to the creation of a game that is sure to be an instant hit with almost any age. Again, it’s important to make sure this game is made with experts at the helm, as it might not be so successful otherwise.

1 Casual airplane simulators

The success of Microsoft Flight Simulator should make it clear that a game in the same vein is going to be an incredible success. Game Developer Tycoon channels the same and rewards players for making that proven combination.

A casual airplane simulator indeed has the potential to attract a lot of fans, provided the work on the game goes smoothly. It’s a great way for companies to divide their attention after focusing too long on certain genre combinations.

Game Developer Tycoon is available on Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Classic Mac OS operating systems.

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