Fortnite’s Polo Ralph Lauren Crossover Brings Racing Chic To Battle Royale


Fortnite may be best known for its characters that include bipedal bananas, sentient trees and, of course, Jonesy himself, but Epic’s battle royale and full social experience add another brand of fashion to the game. with the Polo Ralph Lauren crossover. Starting Saturday, November 5, you’ll be able to find a number of new character skins and other accessories celebrating the iconic race-inspired apparel line.

Two new characters, Stadium Hero ’92 and Polo Prodigy, will debut as part of the Polo Stadium Collection set, and each can be completed with available accessories such as gliders, back props, and more. Here’s everything new coming to the Fortnite Item Shop this weekend:

  • Stadium Hero ’92 skin (with three alternate styles)
  • Skin Polo Prodigy (with an alternate style)
  • Racer back bling
  • Stadium Collector Pickaxe
  • Stadium Drifter Glider
  • P-Wing Back Bling Pack
  • 1992 Pickaxe mallet
  • Colors of Victory Emote
  • Back to the arena loading screen
Everything seems faster in red.


Pricing has yet to be revealed, although a lucky few can win both skins and their associated back items not only a day earlier on November 4, but also completely free. To unlock the skins for free, players must qualify in the Polo Stadium Cup, a Zero Build tournament played in solo queues this Friday. It will be accessible through the game’s Competitive menu.

Following a fairly standard format for competitive Fortnite, players will have three hours to complete up to 10 matches, earning points for eliminations, match placement, and wins. Anyone who scores eight or more points in the tournament – ​​a relatively low bar for seasoned players – will also earn the Victory Colors emote for free. Tournament rules and scoring system can be found on the game’s website.

If you prefer your physical crossovers over digital, Polo Ralph Lauren will be releasing a physical Polo Ralph Lauren x Fortnite capsule. “Drop #1” drops tomorrow, November 2, at 5 a.m. PT / 8 a.m. ET, and features apparel with a special Polo x Llama logo and custom embroidery. “Drop #2” releases on December 1, at the same time of day, and features apparel featuring the Polo x Llama logo and a “Fortnite-ified” version of the Polo Stadium design elements.

This trendy crossover isn’t Fortnite’s first. It has already been associated with clothing brands such as Jordan, Nike, Balenciaga, etc. – and most likely it won’t be the last either.

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