Fortnite x Uncharted: Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer skins arrive in Battle Royale


Everything can be said of fortniteexcept that it is not a polygonal experience full of fantastic cosmetic objects with which to customize our avatar.

It is no coincidence that the branded multiplayer shooter skins epic games are in high demand by the enthusiast community, and continue to be renewed by the development team. Think of the many illustrious collaborations, which have seen a wide variety of characters from the worlds of film, television, comics, and other video games make their debut on the great gaming island.

A tradition that continues to repeat itself today, knowing that the Fortnite virtual store will soon be enriched with costumes from Unexplored. The announcement came in an unusual way, and perfectly in line with the exotic style of Naughty Dog’s adventures: Epic sent some content creators clues and a mysterious riddle, quickly solved.

Password entry “Sicparvismagna” on a site set up specifically for the campaign, content creators got confirmation – along with the trailer and some images – of the upcoming crossover between Fortnite and Uncharted.

Shortly after the arrival of the Legacy of Thieves Collection on PS5 and in preparation for the theatrical release of the film with Tom Holland, the characters of nathan drake And Chloe Frazer will make their Battle Royale debut as alternate-looking skins. The two adventurers will be available both in their original video game version and as their cinematic alter egos – the aforementioned Tom Holland and Sophia Taylor Ali.

Along with the new costumes, a decorative back, two pickaxes, a glider inspired by Sully’s plane, and an emote that sees Nathan checking his diary will also be coming to the Fortnite store. Not only that, for the occasion it was revealed that the Buried treasure maps they will be removed from the repository and returned from the Battle Royale:

After spending time on the island, Nathan Drake left you some treasure maps. Find them and let them guide you to the buried treasure.

The launch date for the new Uncharted content has yet to be revealed, but they are expected to debut next week. at the same time as the launch of the film in cinemas around the world.


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