Fortnite genius calculates the exact speed of the Battle Bus


Fortnite’s Battle Bus transports loopers from the spawn island and drops them on the main island for battle. For unknown reasons, a player calculated the exact speed of the bus instead of thanking the bus driver.

Fortnite is clearly not the most realistic game out there. In fact, it lets players dress up as robots, ninjas, birds, or superheroes, use weapons like a Shockwave Grenade, and then battle enemies from other universes like Star Wars and DC.

How fast is the Fortnite Battle Bus?

Even though it’s packed with the most random elements, physics and math concepts can be applied to Fortnite. As a result, a player calculated the speed of the Battle Bus, and to say the least, the community is proud of this genius.

How to calculate Battle Bus speed in Fortnite?

Reddit user u/somedudebeingcool used trigonometry to first calculate the distance the Battle Bus traveled in a drop-down window. They marked a location in the middle of the map and gathered the following stats:

  • Bus Drop Window Duration (33 seconds)
  • Distance to the location marked at the start of the drop-down window
  • Distance to the location marked at the end of the drop-down window
  • Shortest distance to marked location in entire drop window

u/somedudebeingcool claims that their method is much more reliable than previous ones that have already surfaced on the internet. Apparently some players have driven vehicles across the island and compared their speed to the Battle Bus.

In 2018, another math enthusiast in the Fortnite community drove the golf cart at 15mph on a Battle Bus route. They then compared the time taken by the trolley to that of the bus and concluded that the latter travels at a speed of more than 400 miles per hour.

In contrast, u/somedudebeingcool claims that its results are based on fact. They divided the distance traveled by the bus, by the duration of the drop window, and concluded that it is moving at a speed of 75 m/s (meters/second) which is close to 270 km/h or 167 mph.

Battle Bus speed in Fortnite is surprisingly realistic

Considering that the cruising speed of planes is close to 800 km/h, it makes sense that a bus travels at 270 km/h while carrying 100 players. This number is believable and members of the r/FortNiteBR subreddit appreciated the effort.

While some called u/somedudebeingcool Einstein’s professor, others thanked them for clearing up the confusion. It turns out that several players had thought about the speed of the Battle Bus but never knew how to calculate it.

All in all, loopers never fail to amaze with their creativity and original ideas. This explains why Fortnite’s Creative Mode is such a hit and why new and exciting maps/games are released there frequently.


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