‘Fortnite’ Brings Marvel’s Kate Bishop and Clint Barton ‘Hawkeye’ to Battle Royale; What do you want to know


“Fortnite” brings two popular Marvel characters from its series straight into battle royale with Disney+’s “Hawkeye” Kate Bishop and Clint Barton. The two archers headed to “Fortnite” to join the epic matches between the game’s famous characters, having a new way to shoot enemies.

The only downside here is that Lucky the dog didn’t come with the crossover.

‘Fortnite’ Brings Marvel’s Clint Barton and Kate Bishop ‘Hawkeye’

(Photo: Fortnite via Epic Games)

“Fortnite” and Epic Games have announced a massive arrival on battle royale now, and it’s the addition of outfits featuring Disney+’s Marvel “Hawkeye” series, Clint Barton and Kate Bishop. Both outfits have come to a full-fledged release from the game developers, bringing an outfit, back bling, pickaxes, a new glider, and more.

The battle royale also considered these versions to be available in the Item Shop now, bringing characters closer to players after the conclusion of its limited run. The game features the classic colors of both Hawkeyes with the purple and black color combinations, showcasing their costumes from the Disney series.

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‘Fortnite’ features two master archers in the game

Both Kate Bishop and Clint Barton will see a feature in the battle royale, featuring all of their master archer appearances towards the climax of the series finale.

In “Fortnite” they will also have unique offers and packs.

Fortnite Hawkeye Crossover

(Photo: Fortnite via Epic Games)

Purchasing Kate Bishop’s outfit will guarantee the heroine’s full suite with back bling that is unique to her. On the other hand, Barton’s costume will focus more on the black aesthetic he has on the show; also themed bling back with her costume.

A unique pickaxe and glider with the theme of the series are also available.

Fortnite Hawkeye Crossover

(Photo: Fortnite via Epic Games)

In addition, purchasing the outfit will also guarantee a special “Fortnite” loading page.

‘Fortnite’ Crossovers Feature Marvel Characters

An initial crossover leak for ‘Fortnite’ Chapter 3 involves Green Goblin, Netflix’s Hawkeye and ‘Arcane’ characters coming to the platform. Now, there’s confirmation about the arrival of the Marvel Expanded Universe Archers, but not so much popular villain Spidey and beloved “League of Legends” characters.

The last Marvel character to come to “Fortnite” was Queens, New York-based webhead Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, in battle royale. It looks like “Fortnite”‘s crossover with Marvel isn’t over yet and will continue to bring the rest of the Avengers and other famous comic book names straight to the game.

Disney+’s latest series for the Marvel Universe has garnered favorable reviews from enthusiasts, critics, and fans. His arrival in the battle royale only continues the adventures of the two archers, whose series ended in style.

The “Fortnite” showcase of the “Hawkeyes” is a touching addition to the game, bringing their bows and quivers straight to shoot enemies right on target.

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