First Soldier Battle Royale release date announced



Square Enix has done a lot of work to remake the world of Final fantasy 7. With the remake having redone the entire introduction to the game, fans have been curious about the reasoning behind most of the changes. With Final Fantasy 7 remake has worked considerably well, the scope of the universe is only widening. As Square Enix continues to produce new derivative titles on mobile. With a tale still ongoing, Square Enix is ​​also making a Final Fantasy battle royale mobile game. Using the Final Fantasy 7 remake graphic style and fidelity, Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier looks great. With the release of the most recent cutscene, the team also unveiled FF7: The First Soldier release date November 17.

What is shown in the FF7: The First Soldier Trailer?

While the opening cutscene isn’t a gameplay sequence, it’s a teaser of what to expect. In FF7: The First Soldier, there could be a lot of different methods to fight. While some BRs have already included magical elements, however, the mobile-only game aims to include guns alongside magical elements. Despite the title aiming to compete with many other free mobile BR games, Square Enix aim for something unique. Although the version is currently only a mobile game, there is certainly a market for cross-platform BR titles. Still, Square seems adamant that the title will be successful on its own in the mobile space. Even though the gameplay stands out on its own, fans are certainly curious as to why Square Enix is ​​pushing. Final Fantasy 7 remake content on mobile. Even as the mobile title gains relevance and prestige, there is still no guarantee that we will be seeing the title on other platforms anytime soon. Despite this, FF7: The First Soldier has its release date set for the 17th.

So will you play FF7: The First Soldier when will it be released on November 17th? Let us know in the comments below!



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