Experience Street Fighter 6’s intricate combat at Summer Game Fest Play Days 2022


Experience Street Fighter 6's intricate combat at Summer Game Fest Play Days 2022

We were excited to start our day with a very early look at the recently announced announcement Street Fighter 6. For those who do not know, street fighter started out in the 90s as a fairly straightforward batch of colorful characters in a player-versus-player knockout fight. It was mortal combatis more civil and professional cousin. Where MK focused on blood, violence and the dead, street fighter (and especially the monstrous success street fighter 2) was all about careful skill. It was a fighting game that anyone could step on and mash buttons, but in what is now a gigantic possible world of eSports, it was one of the few games that really allowed itself to increase the skills of professional players.

The game has gone through many evolutions over the decades and this session was just a small taste of what Street fighters 6 will probably include. As of press time, the demo we’ve experienced so far includes four announced characters: Luke, a heavily bearded Ryu, Chun-Li, and new character Jamie. This demo was only in the Fighting Ground experience and did not include World Tour and Battle Hub functionality, so it was just us against the AI ​​experimenting with the different mechanics of these four characters. Street Fighter 6 Has an alternative mode designed to remove the need for complex controller and buttons combinations for special movements, a mode that takes a movement such as Ryu’s Hadouken and simply attributes it to a special button. Seemingly designed to appeal to more casual gamers, we’ve gone with the regular old-school combo button procedures. The game is beautiful, and the animations are fluid between combos and special moves. When the right series of actions are taken, the combos are thrilling and breathtaking.

Our big problem not being an expert in street fighter games was that the title seemed to be begging to try bigger hit combo chains, but it wasn’t really clear without documentation how to understand them. The game had its own guides in the menu for special movements, but the help available at the Capcom Pod at Summer Game Fest could not really go to a way to learn to quickly accelerate the multiple combos of blows. For us, the classic characters Ryu and Chun-Li were the most fun to experience, but to be fair, that may come from our own experience being familiar with their dynamics. There’s still something to be said for catching an unconscious opponent with a shoryuken uppercut.

Street Fighter 6 will be released worldwide in 2023.



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