Elden Ring Mod pits each demigod against each other in a battle royale


An Elden Ring modder orchestrated the ultimate Battle Royale, pitting each of the game’s demigod bosses against each other.

YouTube user Garden of Eyes – who previously modified the Legendary Summon Let Me Solo Her in Elden Ring and pits Malenia against all the other bosses – uploaded a video of the six demigod bosses battling throughout of a handful of different tricks with different rules.

Malenia, Rykard, Radahn, Morgott, Godrick, and Mohg can all be watched as if in one of Elden Ring’s suspicious coliseums as they lashed out at each other in their bet states at the NG+7 zone scale and higher.

The different rulesets applied include, well, no rules in the first turn, but later apply different effects such as Mohg removal, Lord of Blood’s bleed effect, returning bosses to their upgrade the original area scale, etc.

We won’t spoil who wins, but one Elden Ring boss in particular, Malenia, Blade of Miquella, has already proven infamously difficult, encouraged by developer FromSoftware patching a popular way to defeat her and a crazy glitch there. making it ridiculously overpowered.

Elden Ring has proven to be a cultural phenomenon since its release in February, with gamers finding a ton of different ways to interact with the game. People have played it using a Fisher Price toy, the Nintendo Switch Ring Fit Controller, and someone even made a working VR version of the game.

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Elden Ring was also beaten in under seven minutes by a speedrunner, without sustaining or inflicting any damage, and fans are modifying every other entertainment franchise imaginable in the game as well.

In our 10/10 review, IGN said, “Elden Ring is a massive iteration of what FromSoftware started with the Souls series, bringing its relentless combat to an incredible open world that gives us the freedom to choose our own path. “

To make those choices with the best information available, check out our guide which features everything you could ever hope to know about Elden Ring, including collection locations, boss strategies, and more.

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