EA teases upcoming ‘Mass Effect’ game with new poster


EA teased a new entry in the Mass Effect series yesterday (November 7), with a poster stating “Mass Effect continue to”.

With a teaser posted on Twitter, EA once again confirmed the existence of a new Mass Effect Title.

The poster itself is an orbital map that shows the crew of a spacecraft approaching a large crater, with the label “Mass Effect will continue ”included at the bottom.

While the poster features more official artwork associated with the next game in the series, it’s not the first news fans have heard. In 2020, Bioware confirmed that “a team of veterans have worked hard to envision the next chapter of the Mass Effect universe “, but added that the title is in“ the early stages “.

Soon after, the game’s first concept art was revealed. Illustrations included photos of a swampy alien planet, orbiting space station, and more.

In September, a job posting from Bioware suggested that the next Mass Effect the game will be built in Unreal Engine 4. The listing was for a franchise technical director, and specifically indicated that a successful candidate would work on Mass Effect.

Meanwhile, EA is working on a reboot for Dead space, although the dev team is ‘headlong’ in development and won’t share more information until 2022. Despite this, a development feed hosted earlier in the year revealed some early footage and comparison shots with the title of 2008.

The EA Motive team also revealed that they plan to “remove” some dated aspects of the original game and want to ensure that “the game remains relevant to modern audiences.”

In other news, Konami has “temporarily” withdrawn Metal Gear Solid 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3 of all digital storefronts.

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