Dr Disrespect Calls Apex Legends “The Most Competitive Battle Royale”


YouTube streamer and content creator Dr Disrespect often shares his opinions on games, either off the cuff or in response to viewers asking him questions during streams, and often those comments can criticize what he sees as shortcomings of these games. Sometimes, however, he has more positive comments about the games. In this case, this game was apex legends, a game that Dr Disrespect said was the “most competitive battle royale”, although he questioned how enjoyable the game was from a viewer’s perspective.

Dr Disrespect was asked about Apex Legends earlier this week just after Season 14 went live. A viewer asked the streamer if he felt Summit was about to die out, to which Dr. Disrespect responded by saying the opposite was true.

“Absolutely not,” Dr. Direspect said at 30:55 in the video below. “I think they have a formula that comes… They’re exploited and they have a great group of developers working on the game. They’re constantly… the game is constantly evolving. And that’s literally, probably, the most battle competitive royal there. I mean, it has to be. Not even close.”

This is great praise for apex legends, but as evidenced by some of the streamer’s past content, his comments about the Battle Royale game aren’t all positive. After calling it the most competitive battle royale, the streamer said he wondered how much fun it was to watch others play the game competitively. He said the competitive viewing experience is more for those who play ranked and progress through the ranked ladder themselves, which might be true to some extent for any game like this, but he went on to say that the game had a “systematic” approach to ranking. experience with fewer “wild engagements” which in turn leads to fewer content creation opportunities, he claimed.

In addition to the usual games it plays in stream like Summit and Call of Duty: WarzoneDr Disrespect also showed his own game which is currently dubbed Project Moon. It is described as a “vertical extraction shooter” and is a game that itself was not without criticism during its development.


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