Doctor Who’s 5E-Based Doctors & Daleks Explains In-Game Combat


Cubicle 7 explained how its next Doctors and Daleks the game takes Dungeons & Dragons 5E combat system and modifies it to match the Doctor’s non-violent philosophy. This week, Cubicle 7 will be released Doctors & Daleks, a new Doctor Who tabletop role-playing game that uses Dungeons & Dragons 5E rules. Cubicle 7 is already releasing the Doctor Who Roleplaying Game, which includes rules for playing any era of the BBC’s beloved sci-fi franchise, so Doctors and Daleks is specially designed for TTRPG players who are familiar with 5E. Of course, a large part of Dungeons & Dragons’ set of rules is its combat system which seems to go against one of the fundamental principles of Doctor Who – a show that generally seeks problem solving and conflict resolution as an alternative to fighting. Last week, Compartment 7 explained how it changed the 5E’s combat rules to fit better with Doctor Who look at conflict and violence.

Instead of hit points, a stat that measures a character’s physical strength, characters in Doctors and Daleks use path points instead. When characters lose plot points, it represents how close a character is to being cornered or incapacitated by their enemies. When a player reduces an NPC’s plot points, it represents how much of a character’s plans are foiled or how persuasive a player is to change their minds. The Cubicle 7 also revealed that many players will have Quips as a core ability. Jokes are the equivalent of spells in Doctors and Daleks and represent a character’s ability and persuasiveness. Jokes can be used to reduce an opponent’s plot points, create technological effects, or simply help someone in need.

The first one Doctors and Daleks will include a core rulebook, an alien archive providing 5E stat blocks for various Doctor Who aliens and enemies, and The Keys of Scaravore, a level 1 to 5 adventure. The game is released on July 19.


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