District 9 Director’s Battle Royale Game Gets New Trailer, But Leans On NFTs


Update: As Eurogamer points out, Off The Grid turns out to offer NFTs, with in-game tradable items run by a blockchain marketplace. A different kind of future tech dystopia than depicted in the trailer…

Original story:

Off The Grid was announced earlier this year, the first product of District 9 director Neill Blomkamp’s partnership with Gunzilla Games. A new video released tonight offers a longer look at its setting, in the form of an in-engine cutscene directed by Blomkamp, ​​while giving a taste of how the cyberpunk battle royale could feel to play. Watch it below.

The video above is part one of an eight-part series that Gunzilla Games is calling Off The Grid Cinema. Each playthrough will be led by Blomkamp and will continue the story of the characters featured in the video above, though that story isn’t what you’ll be playing in the eventual game. Instead, it’s designed as a piece of world-building, which introduces the cyberpunk setting and the robotics and weaponry you can expect to find within.

Off The Grid takes place on an island called Teardrop, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, where a space elevator has been built that gives humanity access to resources with which we have created advanced robotic and AI implants . Blomkamp isn’t the only recognizable name attached; writer Richard K. Morgan, author of Altered Carbon and Crysis, is also involved. A Pacific island with cybernetic implants sounds a bit Crysis-y.

The game, when it arrives, will have both single-player and multiplayer modes, with both taking place on the same map. Multiplayer is, as stated, a battle royale mode, with up to 150 players battling together. Gunzilla says the game will launch in 2023, along with a few other details on its official site.

While this is the most direct involvement Blomkamp has had with a game – he’s “Chief Visionary Officer” at Gunzilla – it’s not the first thing he’s done. He had long been attached to directing a Halo movie, for example, and he’s directed trailers for games like Anthem.

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