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July’s State of Play event finally gave fans a taste of the highly anticipated Death Stranding: Director’s Cup. The upcoming PS5 version of Hideo Kojima’s latest title adds a ton of new gameplay stories and rhythms that should excite both existing fans and newcomers alike. What is a little surprising is the addition of new combat mechanics notably absent from the base game.

Death stranding has been published in polarizing reviews from fans and critics, with many disappointed and furious at the lack of combat focus in the game. Death stranding has been referred to by many as a “walking simulator”, and while that isn’t necessarily wrong, it’s not quite true either. Although there is erratic and tense fighting in Death stranding, lack of varied combat mechanics, diverse weapon lineup, and unique enemy encounters make them repetitive, which Death Stranding: Director’s Cup seems to be addressing.

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The major challenges of the fight against the stranding of death

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Even before its release, Hideo Kojima had explained how the fight takes a back seat in Death stranding. Ironically, the game is full of tons of fights with mules, homo demens, and BTs that players often encounter while moving from location to location. What is lacking, however, is the limited number of options and tools available to players to tackle these often repetitive and predictable encounters. From a narrative perspective, players are discouraged from engaging in combat, especially using deadly weapons, as death has consequences in Death stranding.

In Death stranding, leaving corpses behind can lead to a vacuum that produces craters and attracts BTs, ultimately canceling out this area. As such, the game world is apparently affected and players are discouraged from using deadly weapons. However, diminishing the combat aspect of the game by not providing unique and satisfying weapons to use against enemies is not a reasonable way to discourage players from engaging in combat. The game should have enough mechanics for players to satisfactorily follow either path and deal with the consequences for themselves.

The lack of variety and options in combat, whether it’s stealth or a shooter, is even more shocking given Kojima’s history with combat-oriented games. Metal Gear Solid 5 offers one of the most extensive and versatile combat experiences in a video game, giving players plenty of weapons and gadgets to experiment with. Metal Gear Solid 5 Where Metal gear The franchise in general also discourages lethal combat, but it still gives players the freedom to go either way. Although Death Stranding didn’t have to go as far as Metal Gear Solid 5, he could have prioritized combat a little more than he did and probably become more accessible to people who avoided him to be just a walking simulator.

How Death Stranding Director’s Cut Solves These Problems

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Fortunately, it seems, Kojima Productions took fan feedback seriously and addressed some of the original’s significant issues in the upcoming Director’s Cut. The Death Stranding: Director’s Cup The State of Play trailer gives a look at the “advanced combat options” added by the PS5 variant of the game. It includes additional melee maneuvers, weapons, equipment and more. One of the new weapons featured in the trailer is a maser gun that can shock enemies. Another notable addition seen in the trailer is the mounted machine gun that players can apparently deploy on the battlefield.

Unlike Snake’s Solid metal gear, Sam in Death stranding has no military training, which explains the awkward combat. Fortunately, Death Stranding: Director’s Cup Adds a shooting range arena where Sam can train and become proficient in the shooting game. It’s a welcome addition that makes sense from a story perspective, but also for players looking to improve their skills.

Another widely criticized aspect of Death strandingThe combat of “was the lack of enemy variety, especially BTs,” which was meant to be the highlight of the game. In addition to adding new weapons and equipment, Death Stranding’s: Director’s Cut will also add more BT battles, giving players more reasons to try out the new weapons and gear.

Death stranding is a deeply atmospheric experience with a complex storyline and intriguing characters. While the core gameplay loop – which involves the delivery of packages – is hugely satisfying on its own, the lack of diverse weapons and unique combats shatters the gameplay for many. As such, it is admirable to see Death Stranding: Director’s Cup attracting both veterans and newcomers alike by making up for the imperfect combat experience that presumably dreamed of the original.

Death Stranding: Director’s Cup will be available on September 24, 2021 on PS5.

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