Destiny 2 Breakthrough Bug Forces Bungie to Disable Text Chat


Nefarious players are using a game-breaking bug in Destiny 2 that allows them to crash another player’s game by sending them a malicious message in the FPS game’s text chat. Bungie has now temporarily disabled the game’s text chat functionality on all platforms while they investigate the issue and prepare a fix.

The text chat bug was originally reported on the Destiny 2 forums and on the game’s subreddit. Players noted that a particular text string posted in the chat window would cause anyone who saw it to face an instant crash of the game, starting it and returning the Weasel error message.

In particular, this began to affect the game’s PvP – rather than posting the message in a wide chat, some dastardly Deviants in Destiny decided to whisper the text string to their opponents, causing other players’ games to crash and securing an easy win. Some players have reported that even disabling your chat does not fix the issue, as messages are still sent to your character, but simply not displayed to you.

While players are obviously reluctant to share the post in question, several people are reporting that the culprit is a lengthy “copypasta” meme that has been translated from English to Chinese, which exceeds the game’s expected character limit for a single message. Since Chinese characters usually require a bit more memory per character, this causes a memory overflow which then causes the game to crash.

Bungie tweeted that they were investigating the issue, then shortly after announced that they “temporarily disabled text chat on all Destiny 2 platforms while we investigate an issue causing Weasel errors”. Hopefully this gets resolved soon and players can start sending each other nice messages of thanks and support again, as I’m sure they always have.

This week at Bungie, it was announced that Destiny 2 skill-based matchmaking is coming to select Crucible playlists in the space game. A big showcase in August is set to reveal the future of Destiny 2 – where Bungie is set to show off the multiplayer game’s Lightfall expansion.


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