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Respawn Entertainment has officially kicked off the final season of their battle royale with Apex Legends: Challenge live today. In addition to a new mode and a new legend, which we have information about below, they launched a brand new Battle Pass with a ton of content. Additionally, they announced plans for their third anniversary, which started happening today! Enjoy all the info and the latest trailer below as we kick off the season with a celebration.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment
  • New mode: Control – This new limited-time mode, available for the first three weeks of Defiance, gives players a whole new way to enjoy Apex Legends. Delivering an adrenaline-filled 9v9 battle, Control gives two teams the opportunity to fight to capture and control points on the map. Teamwork is imperative for victory as the mode features the greatest squads to date and forces Legends to find new ways to get the most out of their squads.
  • New Legend: Mad Maggie – A new legend coming to the Apex Games like a wrecking ball, Mad Maggie is a ruthless punk-rock warlord and the baddest madwoman in the Outlands. With improved shotgun proficiency, the ability to dislodge enemies from cover, and a crushing ultimate, Mad Maggie’s abilities as an offensive hero create an aggressive playstyle.
  • Olympus sabotaged – A dastardly sneak attack orchestrated by new legend Mad Maggie has wreaked havoc on Olympus, teleporting objects and buildings across the city. As Mad Maggie’s sabotage has upset the natural order, Legends will have to adapt to their new environment if they are to hope to survive.
  • New Battle Pass Be the last one standing with the Defiance Battle Pass! Step into the arena in style after picking up new skins including Seer’s Legendary Aces High skin, Loba’s Legendary Breaking the Law leather, plus full sets for Ash, Crypto, and Lifeline that feature their epic new skins. Completing the Defiance Battle Pass unlocks the Gentleman Baller and Scream Machine Reactive Hemlock skins. The Battle Pass will also feature many other exciting rewards along the way: Music Packs, Loading Screens, Emotes, Banner, Gun Charms and more.
  • Third Anniversary Celebration – During the first three weeks of Apex Legends: ChallengeLegends can participate in Apex Legends’ third anniversary celebrations by claiming login rewards, including:
    • February 8 – February 15 – Three Octane Theme Packs and the Legend itself (if not already on the player’s roster)
    • February 15 – February 22 – Three Wattson theme packs, plus the legend himself (if not already on the player’s roster)
    • February 22 – March 1 – Three Valkyrie Theme Packs, plus a Legend Pack and the Legend itself (if not already on the player’s roster)

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