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Battle to the death! is a show about characters from different franchises facing off in exciting and entertaining battles. The series has been around for so long that it has outlived its original owner, ScrewAttack, and is now owned by Rooster Teeth. Show hosts Wiz and Boomstick witnessed several spectacular fights between fan favorite characters in various worlds of comics, anime and pop culture.

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Battles are simply the interpretation of the hosts of the characters in question. But the reason the series has grown to have such a fan base is the precision of the characters. The best battles respond to the interesting match-up, but also feel like an official crossover. With the end of Season 8 and a 9 on the way, there are plenty of great episodes to watch that feature some memorable and thrilling clashes.

ten Goku vs. Superman

This showdown between two renowned characters from hugely popular franchises sparked a popular debate among fans of the series: who would win in a battle of Goku versus Superman? So of course, Battle to the death! had to tackle it as the grand finale of their 1st season. This episode was one of their first 3D battles and was long, including as much as possible the unique powers and combat skills of both characters. It was such an effort to make that the hosts tried never to make an episode this long again.

The hard work paid off, as it remains one of their most popular episodes even though it is somewhat outdated with the advent of Dragon Ball Super. Battle to the death! released a sequel to the episode that was not so well received by fans of the series.

9 Goro vs. Machamp

This one-off match shows that quirky fights can be just as exciting as the big names. This battle between a barely used Mortal combat boss and a mid-level Pokémon character would not have been on viewers’ radar. Additionally, the similarities between the two fighters were minor outside of their four arms. But despite this, this battle turned into an exciting and bloody brawl.

The analysis was excellent, even taking a documentary style for Machamp. But the fight was a sleek brawl with captivating visuals and a loyalty to each character’s distinct personality. There was even some humor with Goro frustrated by Machamp’s Pokémon language. With this fight, the production team proved that they can produce an entertaining episode even with the most unexpected characters.


8 Godzilla vs. Gamera

Godzilla vs. Kong might be the much-needed shock right now given the success of the Warner Bros. movie. 2021, but the famous movie monster isn’t Gojira’s only big rival. Also, Kong has crossed Godzilla several times, but the giant tortoise protector Gamera never crossed. This battle of giant kaiju protectors was different from DB!‘s usual fare and was quite exciting.

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The fight itself is a bit dated by current series standards, but still exciting. It’s a long brawl that brings out all the deadliest and dumbest parts of the two monsters’ arsenals. It also pays homage to the two monsters very well, doing tons of research into their appearances. It’s a real kaiju fight that fans of both franchises would be remiss to miss!

seven Solid Snake vs. Sam Fisher

A great thing about Battle to the death! is that rival franchises can clash. In this case, two stars of the stealth genre of video games clash in a battle that emphasizes stealth and strategy rather than sheer power and mass destruction.

Tom Clancy’s Sam Fisher and Hideo Kojima’s Solid Snake are both super-soldiers, but their approach to the archetype is quite different. This contrast makes them fun to play against each other and gives each of their unique weapon types time to shine. And this fight is more spectacular because the guides of the two characters also appear, adding even more to the battle.

6 Deadpool vs. Deathstroke

Deadpool has been popular throughout Battle to the death!lifetime. As such, he has actually appeared three times in the series as a fighter. But for many fans, her first appearance on the series will never be passed. It’s a classic silly versus serious showdown with the wacky Deadpool versus his gritty Deathstroke inspiration.

Marvel vs. DC clashes are always popular and this one is no exception. Both Deathstroke and Deadpool used dual katanas and possessed superhuman healing factors, which made them the perfect characters to pit themselves against. The result is a spectacular 3D fight with impressive fight choreography that is punctuated by a fun dance number.

5 Saitama vs. Popeye

Saitama vs. Popeye was the most recent season finale and one of the craziest episodes of all time. A punch‘s Saitama is a character who doesn’t always perform well in versus debates because of his power. But the hosts have found him a worthy opponent in Popeye the Sailor Man.

This resulted in a savage fight that incorporated multiple styles of animation, producing a memorable battle that captured the attention of fans. Plus, this showdown contained some of the funniest footage the show has ever featured. Overall the fight was epic, light and even a little heartwarming.

4 Iron Man vs. Lex Luthor

This fight has billionaires in metallic suits that allow them to fight with the stunning ones of their worlds. That alone is enough for a draw for an epic brawl. But these two super-geniuses have turn after turn to get their sleeves out. The fight was also an incredibly thin 3D match, with projectiles flying all over the place.

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This clash is considered one of the best 3D fights by fans, although it wasn’t the most obvious Marvel vs DC match. This fight ended up being popular enough that both characters reappeared in the final season. Lex Luthor fought Doctor Doom, while Iron Man faced off against Batman, but while both of those fights were thrilling, neither reached the heights of this momentous fight.

3 Mega Man Battle Royale

mega man is one of Capcom’s oldest and most prolific franchises. While most people are only familiar with the classic Mega Man, there are many more. Famous, you can see most of them in his Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. And that’s what motivated an episode to determine which Mega Man was the most powerful.

The Battle Royale format is one Battle to the death! knowledgeable well, using more than the standard two fighters. They don’t do this often because it’s a lot of work, but they’re pretty exciting nonetheless. The five Mega Men featured have all been extensively researched, representing even more obscure titles. In the end, there was only one Blue Bomber left, but it was an exciting journey to get there.

2 Ganondorf vs. Dracula

It’s one of the more obscure clashes in the series, but it was one the team had wanted to do for a long time. Ganondorf from the Zelda franchise against Castlevania‘s Dracula, a battle of resurrection of tyrants. Ganon’s first appearance was against super mario bros.’s Bowser, like Castlevania is a more obscure property than Mario. But after the critically acclaimed and highly rated Netflix Castlevania anime, this clash has received a second blow.

This match wasn’t just notable for its developmental history, however. It was also excellently animated with extreme zooms and great effects. He captured the brutality and gothic nature of both fighters, especially after their transformation. It is also notable for having one of the most brutal finishes in the history of the series.

1 Hulk vs. Broly

The Incredible Hulk is known for his rage and strength, seemingly incapable of dying. Broly from Dragon ball Z is also known for his anger, power and tenacity. Both are world breakers, forces that require stopping teamwork if they ever get out of hand. So what happens when an unstoppable force encounters a stationary object?

This fight is another great grand spectacle. But what sets it apart is the animation, performed by some of the animators from Rooster Teeth’s RWBY. Destroying the planet, high-energy antics took on a new tone with their expertise in animation. Comics and cartoons tend to be some of the biggest draws in Battle to the death! Much like the episode “Goku vs. Superman” that preceded it, this battle was thrilling, surprising, and advanced the production values ​​of the series.

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