Dead Space Remake gameplay and combat revealed in development footage



EA Motive shared a long look at an early version of the Dead Space remake, highlighting things like combat, environments, and more.

Developer EA Motive has offered a first look at the upcoming Dead space gameplay from the remake and more in a behind-the-scenes feed. The game is still largely a work in progress and represents an early prototype, but a surprising amount has been shown over the course of the Dead space the gameplay reveals. While it may be more rough than the final product, the footage does provide some insight into the direction and vision EA Motive has for the remake..

The Dead space The remake was revealed earlier this summer and has sparked discussions about a possible reboot of the franchise. Although this is a remake of the first game, following a somewhat expanded version of this game’s plot with a variety of gameplay changes, it could lead to a remake of the second game in the event of success – or go in a whole new direction in an original sequel. For now, EA Motive seems mostly focused on the first game and doing it justice. As reported today, the studio appears to be crafting a separate remake that could both wow newcomers and appeal to series veterans.

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In a Tuesday feed, EA Motive showed how it updates Dead space for modern audiences by showing the gameplay of the remake for the first time (via GameSpot). The team detailed how they are modifying the combat, which is still largely the same, but with more depth. For example, there will be more incentives to use different weapons for different purposes. Some weapons are better at dismembering, while others are more effective at wearing down and weakening an enemy by removing their flesh and exposing their bones. Instead of blindly shooting enemies, players will be encouraged to think more about how they handle combat, which is in keeping with the spirit of the original.

EA Motive promises he’s passionate about what he creates, although it’s unclear what the final product will look like at this point. There is no release date for the game, but insiders believe the Dead space the remake will be released in late 2022. The heart of the story is left untouched and will only be strengthened by adding depth to existing characters and giving Isaac Clarke his Dead space 2 and 3 voice. For this reason, it likely means that EA Motive has the opportunity to develop the remake relatively quickly building on the foundation that Visceral Games built in 2008.

Based on what has been shown here, it seems possible that EA Motive could continue this unprecedented level of development transparency until launch. A lot was revealed in the 30-minute stream, and a clear idea of ​​what’s going on with the Dead space remake has been given. While there are still many unanswered questions, EA Motive has provided proof that they understand the series and what gamers liked about the original game.

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Source: GameSpot / YouTube

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