Dave reacts to Jink Monsoon’s “All Stars 7” snatch game scream


Quite a scandal, in fact!

Army veteran Dave Lara appeared in season five of RuPaul’s Drag Race and was redone by Jinkx Monsoon during the makeover challenge. During this episode, Lara revealed that he potentially killed Judy Garland by giving her sleeping pills to try.

On All Stars 7, Monsoon steamrolled the Snatch Game again – this time playing Natasha Lyonne first and Judy Garland second. During her impersonation of Garland, Monsoon brought up Lara’s name and “absolved” her of any wrongdoing.

“You’re not responsible, sweetie,” the queen said while impersonating Garland. “It’s okay. You’re forgiven.”

Recently, Lara spoke to Weekly entertainment and reacted to Monsoon’s performance at the Snatch Game.

“I was seriously touched that she made that cry,” he noted. “It got the hundred or so people who remember me talking about me, and for this old man, it’s trending, girl! I loved it. It was touching that she did that, and I absolutely loved how the judges and everyone else were laughing about it because I know they remember me killing Judy Garland.

Lara also expanded on the story of her potential involvement in Garland’s death. He explained, “We hung out for two nights. The first night we got drunk together and I was talking to her was in 1968, and she said, ‘Look, I’m moving to England, people stop me from doing drugs.’

He continued: “She knew I was a member of the hospital corps because we were talking about my time in the war. She said, ‘Can you get me some sleeping pills? I know I’m going to have a hard time when I get there,” because she was talking about a comeback. So I said of course.

It was a deep prank for Monsoon to come out All Stars 7, but it worked perfectly given that she worked with Lara in the makeover challenge in season five and has now impersonated Garland for the Snatch Game. It took almost 10 years, but she finally figured out that Lara most likely had nothing to do with Garland’s passing.

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