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Halo: Combat Evolved co-creator Marcus Lehto posted a video that shows prototypes of four unused weapons in a PC 2000 third-person version of the game.

Marcus Lehto, artistic director of Bungie during the development of Halo: combat has evolved, posted a video on Twitter that showcases four unused weapon prototypes from a 2000 PC version of the first Halo Title. Indeed, Halo was still in development as a PC third-person shooter at the time of build, and the now iconic Master Chief is nearly unrecognizable.

Although the property has spawned a multi-billion dollar franchise, Halo: combat has evolved suffered from a tumultuous development cycle. Bungie has started to develop Halo in 1997 as a real-time strategy game for MacOS and Windows. During development, the game evolved into a third-person shooter set in an open world. Bungie’s continued financial woes prompted the company to enter into an acquisition deal with Microsoft, an agreement that was announced in June 2000. It was with this acquisition that Halo became a launch title for the original Xbox, which was slated for release in 2001. At this point, the game became an FPS, and the main elements of the open world were dropped.

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Despite Halo: combat has evolved finally launched as a legendary first person shooter, some Bungie veterans are keeping versions of Halo from when the game was still a third-person PC title. One of these veterans is Marcus Lehto, the artistic director of Halo: CE. On July 8, Lehto posted a video on Twitter featuring four prototype Covenant weapons that were not included in the final version of Halo: CE. These include the Concussion Gun, Excavator, Particle Rifle, and the Strange Microwave Pistol. Lehto examines the four weapons in the video and uses them on an assortment of alien and UNSC models lined up in a remote valley.

It is not known exactly what the microwave gun does. Lehto apparently activates the weapon, causing three limbs to open and a bright orange and yellowish glow, but the models do not appear to be affected. On the other hand, the excavator makes a sound resembling that of a sniper rifle. Shoot the weapon at a Grunt and an unknown creature that looks like a Hulk from Bungie’s Marathon game, however, causes them to disappear in the midst of a violent explosion. The particle rifle, fired for a few seconds, resembles the pepper of a plasma rifle. Finally, the Concussion Pistol mimics the sound of a shotgun, but it has a cooldown counter that prevents rapid fire.

See the early stages of a game’s development as iconic and important as Halo: combat has evolved is really fascinating. The DNA of what players would know as Halo is there, but much of it is different or otherwise out of place. It’s also interesting to see which design prototypes have been cut or would end up in future entries. Discerning fans may recognize the Engineer model which will later be redesigned for Halo 3: ODST, for example. Maybe when Infinite halo will launch later this year, fans will find reused assets inspired by the concepts of Halo: combat has evolved.

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Source: Marcus Lehto / Twitter

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