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CHARLOTTE — The city of Charlotte was not chosen to host an Army-Navy match.

The Queen City was in the running to host one of the games between 2023 and 2027.

“While we are disappointed that the Army-Navy game will not be down south, being a finalist reinforces that high-level college sporting events are important to Charlotte,” the Charlotte Sports Foundation said in a statement.

The Army-Navy game will be played in five East Coast cities over the next five years, including stadiums near Boston, Washington, Baltimore, New York and Philadelphia, according to an announcement Wednesday.

(Past cover: Officials in Charlotte to talk about the city’s potential to host an Army-Navy matchup)

Officials are in Charlotte on Friday to discuss Queen’s City’s potential to host an Army vs. Navy football game, according to the Charlotte Sports Foundation.

The executive director confirmed to Channel that organizers had landed in Charlotte, but he could not elaborate on where the talks stand or what they hope to accomplish.

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Queen City is in the running to host the Army-Navy game in the future, the Charlotte Sports Foundation confirmed in March. The 2022 game is in Philadelphia, but the 2023-27 games have not been set.

“Being considered to host the Army-Navy game is exciting for Charlotte and the region,” said Danny Morrison, executive director of the Charlotte Sports Foundation. “With the state’s military history and the city’s ability to host world-class events, we believe the Charlotte Sports Foundation has a compelling case to bring America’s Game to Charlotte.”

[PHOTOS: Photos: 2019 Army vs. Navy game]

Orlando Sentinel first signaled interest from Charlotte. The newspaper said Boston, Chicago and Dallas are also interested in hosting the game. A site visit is planned in Charlotte in the future. The Army-Navy game was never played in the South.

Mecklenburg County Commission Chairman George Dunlap is not directly involved in the bid, but hopes it will be successful.

“I think we’re well suited for that,” Dunlap said. “We are prepared for it. We have a history of doing it and doing it well.

No specific date for the 2022 game has been scheduled.

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