Call of Duty Mobile Season 8: New Blackout Battle Royale map revealed



With Mobile call of duty Season 8 being released on Thursday, September 23, 2021, the map of the new battle royale named Blackout has been unveiled.

Battle Royale games are one of the most beloved and beloved games right now, with Warzone, Fortnite, and Apex Legends all incredibly popular.

Call of Duty Mobile has paid attention to this and included a battle royale map in the game, and players will be happy to know that there will now be a brand new second battle royale map.

The new battle royale map will feature some lovely new landmarks, as well as some of the fan favorites from previous games in the franchise.

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New Blackout Battle Royale map coming to COD Mobile revealed

Many would love to see what Blackout’s map will look like, as they can also see all points of interest to see the size of the map.

From the map revealed by Call of Duty Mobile News on Twitter we can see that Blackout looks like a really big battle royale card. It also has 14 new points of interest that players can explore when they can finally access the map.

Some of these points of interest include Nuketown Island, Array, Asylum, Hydro Dam, and Fracking Tower.

To see the map for yourself, check out the link below.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 will bring many new cosmetics to the game, but when the second anniversary begins this season, we hope to see even more new content and unlockable rewards than ever before.

In addition to this map, players can also see brand new images of what some of the points of interest will look like when the images appear on Twitter.

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Hopefully the map will meet the expectations of the Call of Duty Mobile community, as this is one of the main reasons many players are very excited about the release of the new season.

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