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Call of Duty Mobile’s battle royale lets you come to the map with one of the many classes available, which are unique specializations designed to give you an edge during your matches. There are currently 15 classes to choose from, with two more classes coming in a future update. Our guide will help you choose from the best classes in Call of Duty Mobile, so you can find one that matches your playstyle.

How to unlock additional Battle Royale classes

Most of the best classes are available to you without any additional requirements, but some of the classes that have been added in later seasons are locked down and must be purchased. But don’t worry: that doesn’t mean you have to shell out real money. Credits are Call of Duty Mobile’s unique currency system, which is a separate currency from the COD Points that you can purchase in all Call of Duty games. Credits are earned simply by playing the game and completing challenges, or through login bonuses and daily events. These points are a chore, but unless you do them on cosmetic items in the store, it shouldn’t take you long to earn enough money to purchase courses.


Ninja class

Ninja’s active ability is the grappling hook. It works exactly like the grappling hook gear in other Call of Duty games. You just aim and shoot the grappling hook, and it will shoot you towards your target. The passive ability is Dead Silence, which grants you silent movement within 12 yards of the enemy.

Ninja is definitely one of the top tier battle royale classes. The grapple’s added mobility coupled with the near-silent footsteps makes it perfect for solo players or anyone with an aggressive playstyle.


scout class
scout class

The Scout’s active ability is the Sensor Dart, which you can shoot to see hostile positions on the radar. This gear is paired with Tracker, a perk that lets you see enemy footsteps for several seconds.

The Scout class can be ideal for playing in a trio or quad. You can provide your teammates with very useful information about enemy positioning and highlighted steps. Knowing how many enemies are nearby allows you to better decide whether you want to push back a team or retreat. It’s also great for you or a teammate to equip yourself if your team’s playstyle is aggressive.

Fighting spirit

Poltergeist course
Poltergeist course

Poltergeist’s active ability is Active Camo, which is an ability that allows you to become almost invisible for a short duration. Voidwalker is Poltergeist’s passive ability, which will increase your running and walking speed while using Active Camo.

There are many useful advantages to using Poltergeist. Active Camo and Voidwalker can give you the option of flanking your enemy for a sneak attack, repositioning yourself in a better location for a shootout, running away from a bad fight, or even using the time to grab your dog’s name tags. a dead teammate.

Unfortunately, Poltergeist is not automatically available from the start. The class is locked and must be purchased from the in-game store. It costs 2000 credits to acquire.

Master of Traps

Master class trap
Master class trap

The active ability of Trap Master allows you to place electrical trigger wires on the board. Enemies that pass through the traps will take damage and have reduced movement speed. The passive ability is Territorial Effect, which is an ability that increases the movement speed and cooldown speed of nearby allies’ skills.

Trap Master can be a great defense while doing your initial looting gear. It can also be good if your playstyle is slow and tactical, and you plan to stand up and wait for enemies. However, this is another class that is not initially unlocked for you. You will need to buy it in the store for 2000 credits.


Clown class
Clown class

(This class name no longer matches the skill, as Clown was previously used to describe a piece of toy robot equipment that would attract zombies and eventually explode. This could be thrown at enemies to attract zombies to them. class has since been reorganized to use attack dogs instead of an explosive decoy for zombies.)

In its current class version, Clown’s active ability allows you to summon dogs that will attack all nearby enemies. And the passive ability is the Canine Obliterator, which reduces the distance a dog can follow you to 15 yards.

I think the active ability to have attack dogs is a great defense if you like to land in Hot Drops, and it can also serve as offensive play when you know there are enemies nearby. Unfortunately, this is one of the passive abilities that seems less viable. This is only useful if your opponents are also leading the Clown class.


Trickster class
Trickster class

Trickster’s active ability is Psychosis, which allows you to use two holographic decoys and a major speed boost to confuse your enemies. The passive ability is Alert, which allows you to hear an enemy’s footsteps with a wide range of hearing.

Decoys and speed boost can be used both offensively and defensively. You can confuse enemies in the middle of combat to give yourself an advantage, lure them out of hiding, or use distraction to escape a bad situation. This is a course that could work well whether you are playing solo or in a team for duos, trios, or quads.


Defender class
Defender class

The Defender’s active ability provides you with a Transform Shield. This is a deployable shield that causes a flash effect on all surrounding enemies. Enhanced is the passive ability and will reduce all damage except shots by 25%.

This can be a solid choice for your class, whether solo or in a team. This not only serves to temporarily obstruct your opponent’s vision, but you also have additional cover. Additionally, the boosted ability will be great, as it will help you take less damage from melee attacks and grenades.

If you’re looking to build solid weapon loadouts, we’ve got a guide to the Call of Duty Mobile Gunsmith feature to help you get started with weapon customization.

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