BTS’s Jin Creates Official Logo For New Game “BTS Island: In The Seom”


In April 2022, global K-pop sensation BTS introduced fans to a brand new mobile game called BTS Island: In the Seom. The addictive game is centered around characters based on the party members living on an island, performing daily construction and renovation tasks.

Each party member’s character has distinctive in-game qualities and characteristics, making them unique and true to their inspiration. The characters look adorable in-game and look a lot like the party members.

Notably, group member Jin put extra effort and creativity into creating the game. In addition to his character having Jin’s characteristic plump lips and upbeat personality, the singer also created the game’s official logo.

BTS Become Game Developers Episode 2 Reveals Jin’s Thought Process Behind Logo Design

On May 3, 2022, a new episode of BTS Become Game Developers has been freed. Fans eagerly listened to the band members’ discussions about their next game. ARMYs also got to see Jin’s impressive talent and creativity on display since he designed what is now the game’s official logo. great ideas for whatever he has in mind.

In the recent episode posted on the game’s YouTube channel, each member of the group had to come up with ideas and create a logo for the colorful and exciting virtual game. As discussions progressed, Jin’s idea turned out to be the best among his groupmates. The singer proposed to draw a whale carrying an island on its back, with fresh greenery and the seven small figures placed above the island.

The whale is a symbol that Jin designed a few years ago, which was used by HYBE as part of the official BTS universe. The name of this magical creature is Kore.

BTS Become Game Developers: EP02 Where #BTSJIN came up with the idea for their logo. “The idea I had was that we use whales very often so that we can turn this whale into an island. We’re going to make the whale really big and turn the top part into an island like what you see in the old animations. https ://

Jin helped their team bring their adorable yet fantastic idea to life, and the official logo was released on April 20. At first glance, Jin’s in-game logo was spot on, aptly accentuated by the band’s signature purple color.

When one of the BTS members asked Jin why he chose to put only one tree on the island, he replied:

“The word tree represents abundance. If you look at Greek and Roman mythology and lore, it all starts with the world tree.”

Kim Seokjin being the witty and intelligent man that he is. 😌❤️V asked him what the meaning of the tree was (since Jin drew it), Seokjin said it represents abundance and said if you look at Greek and Roman mythology, it all started with the world tree. 🌳

Jin’s impressive explanation comes from the vast knowledge he gained through his education in art and acting. As an educated person who knows a lot of important things, he can bring fresh insight to any project.

In the episode, Jin also explained the significance of the whale supporting the island. He said the magical creature was called a celestial whale and he chose to depict it as the foundation of the BTS universe because the group has many ties to this specific animal. The whale keeps them on the ground even when they are hovering.

The rest of the group members in the video patiently listened to Jin’s explanation and were completely impressed with his imagination and wisdom. Towards the end, every member appreciated Jin for his work and agreed to his logo idea.

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Pre-registration for BTS Island: In the Seom open April 26. According to mobile app stores, the all-new game is expected to launch on June 28, 2022. ARMYs and game enthusiasts can quickly register to get an ARMY Bomb Booth for free.

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