Bravo Ready Gets $3 Million To Expand Its Endless Battle Royale NFT Experience


Have you ever wondered what a continuous, endless game of Fortnite might look like? Bravo Ready takes the age-old battle royale formula inherent in games like Warzone and PUBG, then folds them back onto the blockchain while integrating NFT avatars and so-called “win-to-win” mechanics into the context of its experience. Codenamed BR1: Infinite Royale, the blockchain-based title from Bravo Ready takes battle royale to a whole new, seemingly endless playground.

“It’s not just a new game – it’s a new way to play,” says Bravo Ready CEO Evan Ryer in an interview with GamesBeat. “It fundamentally reinvents the financial side of being a gamer.”

Unlike typical NFT and metaverse games where players automatically accumulate tokens just for playing, such as Axie Infinity or The Sandbox, BR1: Infinite Royale is billed as using a “win to win” model. This implies that players only have to pay a dollar to appear in the world and can bet money on a particular match, collecting chips for eliminations during that game period.

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Bravo Ready recently secured additional funding through Solana Ventures, Shima Capital, 6th Man Ventures, and Justin Kan, CEO of Fractal, a gaming-focused NFT marketplace. The additional capital comes in the form of $3 million, allowing Bravo Ready, a Montreal-based independent studio with a total of eight employees, to streamline its large-scale efforts through avenues such as software development settings improved and the formation of underlying games.

BR1: Infinite Royale merges automated smart contract technology with NFTs, bridging sophisticated metaverse concepts with typical, modern triple-A games. It is built entirely on Solana’s blockchain and leverages the company’s cryptocurrency, SOL, as an incentive to earn game tokens. For every kill a player makes in the game, they receive a corresponding SOL based on the amount wagered by the two players at the start of the match.

Bravo Ready launched the alpha for BR1: Infinite Royale in January and has since leveraged NFTs to allow players a suite of customization and self-identification while playing. A total of 300 players exist on the map at any time during a match, a remarkable number in the context of most traditional battle royales, which have 100 players online at most.

It also allows BR1 to use no actual starting point, as players are spawned at the edge of the map and must fight their way deeper into the fold, surviving while collecting valuable resources, like weapons, equipment, ammunition, etc. When defeating an opponent, players are awarded 10% of that player’s holdings or they receive their spawn for free. Upon elimination, the player keeps 85% of the salary earned from kills and must then pay the aforementioned $1 fee to respawn.

Bravo Ready’s underlying character creation platform is critically important to those interested in NFTs, as the company leverages endless unique characters for in-game avatar purposes. Each model character set is uniquely designed through randomized colors and textures, allowing players to choose from a wealth of options once a full collection has been generated.

For those who want to participate in an endless battle royale game while earning some crypto in the process, head over to the company’s official discord channel and try out BR1: Infinite Royale for yourself.

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