Battle Royale map rotation, arena changes and more



Apex LegendsNext season is fast approaching and there is a new set of patch notes to check out between now and its launch. There’s a lot going on in Season 11, and the new map rotation being implemented in Arenas and Battle Royale is causing some controversy in the community. Here’s why…

Season 11 map rotation announced

The map rotation for Apex Legends Season 11 is as follows …

That’s it. We’re getting two maps for Season 11 – at least at launch – and it’s safe to say people aren’t as happy as they could be. Apex Legends has the option of doing something different, having four cards spinning at once, but it looks like it doesn’t.

“For the Escape update, the map rotation will be reduced to 2 maps: Storm Point and World’s Edge. Since Storm Point is a brand new map, we want to make sure players have enough time to master the new arena. “

On top of that, Arenas exceptionally removes all “BR slots” from this map rotation. This means that you are going to be stuck with the personalized Arenas card from now on.

Some Apex Legends fans are not happy with these changes …

However, others think it’s a great idea …

When does Apex Legends season 11 begin?

Apex Legends’ next season of content is slated to begin as soon as the current season ends, making it pretty easy to pinpoint when it’s due. Looking at previous updates, we should see new content – including the changes described above – implemented from the following times:

  • 8:00 am Nov 2 PST
  • 11:00 a.m. November 2 EST
  • 3:00 p.m. November 2 GMT

There’s going to be a new battle royale map to fight over, a new SMG to check out, and Ash is finally joining the Apex Games to fight for the Apex Predator. We’re also going to have a new Ranked Season for Arenas and Battle Royale as well as a new Battle Pass.

Is a new meta on the way? We know Ash is going to make his mark, but that could be another big change to the way Apex Legends plays in the future.



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