Battle Royale emote and game-crushing matrix items for many


Launched in 2017, Fortnite is one of the most popular Battle Royale titles on the internet. With millions of players around the world, people keep coming back to the game with frequent updates that bring new and exciting content.

That said, Fortnite recently started Chapter 3 of Season 1. However, the start of the new chapter also brought some performance issues that resulted in drops in FPS.

Now reports are coming in with Fortnite players saying that every time they see or use the Matrix emote the game crashes and displays an error.

In case you didn’t know or you haven’t logged into the game for the past few days, Fortnite recently collaborated with ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ to bring two emotes one of which is the famous pose where Neo dodges all bullets. in slow motion.

The other is Trinity’s floating kick. In addition to the emotes, the developers of Fortnite introduced packaging that displays the matrix symbols and costs 500 V-Bucks.

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Greetings. Thought this was a one-time error on my part, but the game nowhere else crashes except when I try to open the Matrix items in the stiore and display a crash message that I didn’t have never seen it before. It’s on PC. Hope this won’t affect other platforms as well. Edit: I managed to buy the emotes on PS5 because I can’t on PC and tried to play emote on PC and like others have said in other threads try to play to emotes on PC also crashes the game.

Neo emote crashes when seen, while experimenting with a friend it turns out that a partial member can crash you and anyone in the same lobby as you (tested only in creation for the lobby) if I’m not the only one, how many people could you crash with this bug?

Interestingly, the majority of reports are from those who see or use Fortnite Matrix emotes on PC.

However, if you have someone in your lobby who is playing on consoles and using the emoticon, the game will still crash, which is really frustrating.

In case you haven’t noticed, the error suggests players should switch to DirectX 11 mode. But it seems that those who run the game on DX11 are also affected by the bug.

Unfortunately, Epic Games has yet to recognize the Fortnite issue where Matrix emotes crash the game. When they do, we’ll notify you of the same, so keep checking this area for updates.

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