Ava DuVernay gets into the superhero game with The CW’s ‘Naomi’


You have to hand it over to the CW; they know what their audience wants and they deliver it. Their DC properties are a huge asset that has helped them put them on the map. Now Ava DuVernay produces Naomi, a character created in 2019 by comic book guru Brian Michael Bendis, David F. Walker and Jamal Campbell. Naomi McDuffie, aka Powerhouse, is a “normal” young woman fascinated by comics and Superman in particular. She wonders why she feels so connected to him when he winds his way through town fighting a supervillain, and she soon finds out that she isn’t as mean as she thought.

You may remember that DuVernay initially turned down the directing Black Panther for DC New Gods, with who The trench was shelved by DC in April. Naomi is played by Kaci Walfall, who appeared in Equalizer, To be able to, and Military women. Stéphanie March (ADA Cabot on Law and Order: SVU) also stars, as well as a number of actors that will make you say “Oh yeah, they were in that something else.” Looks like a nice addition to their stable of DC properties, especially since Black Lightning concluded last year. Naomi airs Jan. 11 on The CW and airs the next day.

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